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    I enjoy making the things that go into a dollhouse, from dolls, to linens, and all of the other little accessories. I enjoy the building process very much, but when it comes to finishing the exteriors I can never make up my mind.

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  1. I was going to say that the head is what makes it creepy. Brrr shiver.
  2. CatColorado


    I really like this dresser. You find the neatest things.
  3. CatColorado


    I'm definitely interested in building one, this looks like fun.
  4. You could petitpoint the carpet, but it would take absolutely forever. Printed fabric would definitely be faster.
  5. Yes, I used the insert from the laser cut Greenleaf dormer. Smaller than a regular window, but bigger and finer than a 1/2" scale one.
  6. Well at least you told me! lol Thank you all, I'm very happy with it.
  7. CatColorado

    Greenleaf Victorianna

    Building, decorating, and various misadventures.
  8. Thank you! I'm really excited with how the room is shaping up.
  9. I love scenes like this.
  10. Thank you, I debated forever about what to do with that spot next to the fireplace. I even made a tiny deadbolt for the door, though it can't be seen from this angle. Mary made the afghan, I made everything else.
  11. Gail, that's so awesome! Happy very belated Birthday.
  12. Thanks! April helped me figure out how to do it, I've got a thing for pumpkins. It's hard not to buy them all, they've got so much personality.
  13. I have that "fountain", Dept 56 makes some nice things. This is looking amazing!
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