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    I enjoy making the things that go into a dollhouse, from dolls, to linens, and all of the other little accessories. I enjoy the building process very much, but when it comes to finishing the exteriors I can never make up my mind.


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  1. Feel better Mary. I know what it's like when it feels like the roof of life just dropped on your head. Sometimes it sounds like you and I are on the same cycle... which at the moment feels like the "hung out to dry" cycle. Take care of yourself.
  2. I think the Rosedale would make a wonderful fairy house, if I ever bought one I think that is what I would do with it, since it doesn't appeal to me as a regular house. I've built the Fairfield, the Arthur, the Buttercup, bashed the Primrose to 1/2" scale, the Victorianna, and I have the Chantilly, the Van Buren, and the Taft waiting for their turn.
  3. Mixing Durham's rock hard putty with acrylic paint will give you a better concrete texture for your sidewalk than paperclay. Cheaper too. Paint it on your surface and lightly sand while still damp. Dries like iron.
  4. I was going to say that the head is what makes it creepy. Brrr shiver.
  5. Yes, it's slightly less expensive than collecting high end sports cars.
  6. To give you an idea, I spent $300 on a set of 4 1/24" dolls (they were very nice dolls). Of course I was still working then, but that's still alot of $$. I used to keep track and I found that when you start the hobby, you spend more because you don't have anything, but as you become more stabilized and your purchases have more focus. More bang for your buck.
  7. CatColorado


    I really like this dresser. You find the neatest things.
  8. CatColorado


    I'm definitely interested in building one, this looks like fun.
  9. The bed looks great! It doesn't even look like matboard.
  10. You could petitpoint the carpet, but it would take absolutely forever. Printed fabric would definitely be faster.
  11. They still have it, it's just not specifically labeled as such: http://www.robinbetterley.com/shopping%20folder/wallpaper%20folder/half%20inch/halfpaper.html
  12. You make it sound nefarious, " I have plans..." :wicked:
  13. Yes, I used the insert from the laser cut Greenleaf dormer. Smaller than a regular window, but bigger and finer than a 1/2" scale one.
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