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Ah - that's better

Ah - that's better

Cyril's vines are producing a good crop as are his runner beans. The family are going to eat and drink well this year.

The gate and hedges aren't finished yet but Cyril thinks you'll get the idea. The kitchen garden leads off a more formal garden area next to the house. Cyril doesn't want anything to do with that bit - all that hedge clipping, its not for him.

From the album:

Garfield - Victoria Villa - June 09

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My 14 year old daughter wanted to know if I was looking at a real picture or a mini, she couldn't tell. Making living things look realistic in mini is much harder, your garden is a complete success in decieving the eyes!


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I agree totally,it looks real! This is one of the best miniature scenes Ive ever seen Jo, your work here is incredible! Those moss covered porch posts are GENIUS !!!! Love them!

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Thanks Karin.

Someone else thought they were porch posts too but they are supposed to be hedges which I cut out of foamboard and covered in foam clusters. I was trying to create an old yew hedge that had been clipped into that shape.

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Jo, I did realize they were hedges,I should have said post hedges I guess or porch post shaped hedges,lol...they look so cool! And all of the detail is amazing!

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