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Siding disaster

Siding disaster

I put the siding on using hot glue and I thought it would go on a bit like shingles with a few dabs of hot glue along the top of each piece of siding. When I painted it with a water based emulsion paint - this is what happened - a frilly house.

From the album:

Garfield - Victoria Villa - June 09

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I can see what happened now. You only added the hot glue to the top part of each siding piece. I always add a zigzag type pattern over each strip and press down (don't over do it with the hot glue or else when you press down, it will spill out onto the other strips). That is why when you added the paint it curled at the bottoms. I am glad you were able to get it off!! Your house is too beautiful to keep those warped siding strips on it. :wave: I have been in love with your house since I first laid eyes on it :wub: You are doing a Beautiful Job on it!!

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I wish I had read your post before my first attempt to add siding. I was so upset I put the house aside and starting working on a roombox. Your beautiful house shows me there's still hope for my little cottage. Now, do I really want to try pulling all that stuff off? That's the big question.


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I felt the same way, going backwards to undo something is disheartening but abolutely necessary if you really want to finish your cottage. It seems like a much bigger job than it really is because you don't seem to be making progress.

I do hope you find the will to repair your cottage. The great feeling that you have when you have conquered the problem is worth it.

Good luck



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