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  1. drobhe

    Things I Have Made

    Lil things I've tried. I've decided to start one gallery which will contain the different little projects I attempt. Much of the enjoyment that I experiece working on Miniature Rooms comes from crafting the items which make the room look more life-like. And of course there's the benefit of low cost.
  2. drobhe

    Potting Shed

    Ooh I love that idea! I do plan to grunge up the shed. Thanks!
  3. drobhe

    Potting Shed

    This little project was a series of learning experiences.
  4. drobhe

    Wine tree

    Nice beginning.
  5. drobhe

    unnamed (97)

    Love the floor. It sets the tone of the room.
  6. drobhe


    Nice job on the floor.
  7. Very tedious work but beautiful results.
  8. drobhe

    pierce fini 056

    Love the details. Beautiful job.
  9. drobhe


    Following your transformation of the old box to this piece of art was a fascinating journey. Many congrats on a beautiful piece.
  10. I love your eye for color combination and modern design. I will be looking for your updates.
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