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Having another look

Sister Kyoya

Late one night mid November I suddenly wondered if my 11cm Obitsu bunch would or could fit through this front door I always thought was quirky at best. I've never had a doll that properly fit through it. I was floored seeing that these guys were the closest to fitting as I had ever seen. This is precisely what triggered me to research how to figure out the scale of a dollhouse. Because of the completely out of proportion upper and lower floor I always thought the person who made it was a bit daft. Knowing now that it is super common since it is supposed to be an attic and not a full second floor just makes me snicker at myself.

This is certainly sorely in need of revamping to head in the direction of a fairy house in the woods that I always wanted. I know one of the things I struggle with is seeing it for so long that sometimes I don't think I really see it past the blue house I've had since I was 8. Blue is so not ideal for blending into a woodland setting, but I think I'd be upset if it was no longer blue. And even if I can figure out how to make the outside fit what I always wanted, but the inside... I've never known how to sort it out. The only thing I do know is the room on the bottom right (the kitchen) is just very dark, even before the dark paint because of the depth, The current walls and flooring choices boils down to an attempt to do something with some supplies I was given in high school, a surplus from a neighbor's leftovers.

From the album:

Childhood Dollhouse

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If you decide to work on this little house to update and revamp, please post lots of photos.  Excited to see what you do with it.

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I know I certainly will be working on it but it won't be any time soon unless inspiration strikes hard. I'm thinking of getting the Haunted House kit to get all the trim and everything this was always missing and possibly using it to add an addition to this house. Also to see if this indeed was copied from that kit. The dimentions may be off a tad. But right now it is just very hard because the house seems entirely silent. Havanaholly often mentions about a house speaking to someone, and this one hasn't in a very, very long time. Even as a child I was never very inspired by what to do inside. I love my childhood dollhouse so much that I want to turn it into the charming little house it always wanted to be, if I can just find a way to open up and talk with me again

The other complication is I've never known how to work with a finished house other than just painting it. Even the pink striped wallpaper that is falling off doesn't seem right in the least. How do fae creatures decorate their walls anyway? Having a built house to begin with is at odds with how most people think of fairies or other fae creatures, but I grew up utterly in love with Strawberry Shortcake, Herself the Elf, and David the Gnome. Only that last one has at least a traditional house, but I always figured the fae just 'adopted' abandoned dollhouses, in kind of a Borrower's sense.

One of the reasons I posted these pics here was in hopes to generate a conversation that could help me finally figure out Annie's house. It wasn't until just a bit ago that I realized I've never really talked with anyone about this house, other than the fact I had one and it belonged to Annie. No one has ever talked to m about the design, intent, feel, or personality of this house. Now it doesn't surprise me why it has always been so baffling to me.

I've spent the last couple of hours looking it over again, giving it a long hard think. Part of me is tempted to divide the first floor into two floors since Annie is half the size of the room height. It would make for a cramped room space, but I don't really see that as a bad thing. She is so small with stubby arms (she is a 3 inch tall DAM troll from 1985) that any furniture or decorations would have to be custom made. The 1/12 scale furniture would never fit properly.

I took more pictures this morning that I hope to get posted sometime later today if I get the chance.

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