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    1:6 scale projects which support 12" Fashion Dolls such as Integrity 12" dolls, Barbie, Blythe, Monster High. The building and challenges are exciting and find new ways to create projects. I have also done one 1:12 dollhouse and three 1:12 room boxes I built from scratch

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  1. Emerald

    Mini finds !

    Such a pretty set of dishes, never saw this pattern and color before. The yellow is lovely.
  2. Emerald

    Museum Front 1.jpg

    You are doing a museum!!! Love each and every room....keep us posted if you add to the project.
  3. Emerald

    Blue Roombox 05.JPG

    Its ok, you love this tiny blue project. Sharing is important and this is stunning.
  4. Emerald

    Wolf Range 1

    Such a fantastic 3d print and painting. WELL DONE.
  5. Emerald

    Whole store

    Your little shop has so many lovely items. Wish they were 1:6 (playscale). Keep us posted. We all tend to want to add or redecorate our favorite projects.
  6. Great stonework.....Such a perfect touch. By the way love the L shape of this house.
  7. I can read it for sure. What a great rescue project, keep us posted on your progress of rehab
  8. Emerald


    1:24 seems so hard to do, but artists that choose 1:24 do such fabulous work, this is lovely and so realistic
  9. Emerald


    So amazing what you can do with 1:24, fabulous
  10. Emerald

    tennyson 1999 1.jpg

    Tried to add a comment that the house is terrific and such a lovely project.
  11. Emerald

    tennyson 1999 1.jpg

    Wanted to tell you this is an amazing house and glad you worked on it again. It is lovely.
  12. Wanted to say thank you for commenting ...it encourages especially on this new endeavor
  13. The photo with the 2 pictures though done by someone ELSE is where I am going with this. WHO...not a who but seeing if I can learn to do this. Not that easy and head splitting very usual and annoying, frustrating and scary. Fabric fusion was here and ready because I did all my research. You can see the split in this photo.
  14. REPAIRING/OLD of split head across top.
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