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    1:6 scale projects which support 12" Fashion Dolls such as Integrity 12" dolls, Barbie, Blythe, Monster High. The building and challenges are exciting and find new ways to create projects. I have also done one 1:12 dollhouse and three 1:12 room boxes I built from scratch

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  1. Better photo....you can see why I bought this particular metal candle holder
  2. Should have turned the candle holder....is interesting design. Thank you for your support
  3. 2 sides hanging around...waiting for 3rd
  4. Emerald

    1/6 IDEAS

    Maybe if I look long enough I will figure it out
  5. Emerald

    Column progression

    These look awesome!!! Love your building
  6. Hand found the metal candle holder over Christmas, found an earring that I could paint, the found tall narrow white candles I had to cut various lengths....
  7. Emerald

    boat name.jpg

    For some reason this was not easy. Perhaps the blue on white. So here is the name "ILLUSION" meaning it is the illusion of a boat.
  8. supposed to be painted water instead of just a blue line and birds
  9. Emerald

    Turned on

    OH it is a light!
  10. Emerald

    Great-room vision

    So have you done more work! My boat is going slow on its design restructuring as I go
  11. Had to write you how much I love your furniture!
  12. Love the L shaped house
  13. LOVE THIS photo....realistic with walls not perfectly straight
  14. Emerald

    boat angel.jpg

    Poppy Parker Undercover Angel..course you know who she is. I trimmed her hair quite a bit. Angel would not have had hair to her waist no matter how pretty. Her cut is METAL....WOW. So she will be going on the boat.
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