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    1:6 scale projects which support 12" Fashion Dolls such as Integrity 12" dolls, Barbie, Blythe, Monster High. The building and challenges are exciting and find new ways to create projects. I have also done one 1:12 dollhouse and three 1:12 room boxes I built from scratch

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  1. This photo looks like it is out of a magazine. I love all the detail
  2. meant to write before...you precious baby could not help it. Love the photo
  3. Wanted a different kind of table...takes a lot of space, but I have a square one I can use too...we will see.
  4. This looks done. I was going to wait til I finished the channel for the dust catching plexi on sides and top, but thought I would post to show my work. The roof will be glued down in this process with surprise frontal decor
  5. Emerald

    1/6 IDEAS

    Maybe if I look long enough I will figure it out
  6. Love everything and hope you post the decorating
  7. Everything about this attic room is over the top and such detail, loving it.
  8. Emerald

    boat 19Apr2021.jpg

    It looks huge til you put in the bridge, table, captains chair and chairs. Our workers tried it out for scale.
  9. bridge, captains chair, chairs and table
  10. Emerald

    penny_shot sm.jpeg

    Your flowers and how you displayed them is so so pretty.
  11. Emerald

    An open door policy

    Such amazing work with such a tiny tiny scale.
  12. Making any angled anything is not an easy task. We tend to look at it and figure we have it til we cut it. In some cases I find that 1 side is a certain degree and the other side a different degree angle. This looks amazing, well done.
  13. Thank you everyone. The decor on the back was not in my original plan, so not enough room but I like it. Your comments very very welcome.
  14. Emerald

    23mar boat equp.jpg

    YES Medieval on lake michigan the BIG POND
  15. Emerald

    23mar boat equp.jpg

    Don't have a photo yet. Made the small navigation equipment bigger and found the marine radio so hopefull going from flat photo to making it look real has worked.
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