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  1. I've actually been reposting these from my Instagram. Personally I just find it easier to put them in the albums because I see them as my 'building photo book' and these little stories are me just being silly while making it easier to have plenty of pics of the build. This house especially, before I bought it I could find dismally few pics. It was a fight to see what the inside even looked like (The Adams has this same problem.) It's a cute house with nice details but definitely benefits from some simple modifications. Me playing around with these little stories gives me a chance to think thro
  2. We have a pretty active bunch around here. They are good at keeping me company and helping me get things done.
  3. Turning a humble little Madison kit into a perfect Christmas house with faux gingerbread exterior.
  4. Sister Kyoya

    Fussy Tama

    Shareb: Thank you! Debora59: Tamayuki is a Volks Mini Dollfie Dream (MDD) with an Obitsu 45cm boy chest and is 44cm (17.25 inches tall) and is 1/4 scale. Dollfie Dream are anime styled vinyl dolls made in Japan. He can fit American Girl furniture but an American Girl is almost twice as wide as he is. Hana (Yukinohana, the long blond haired girl in some of the other pics) is a standard Dollfie Dream (DD) and is 57cm (22.5 inches tall) and is 1/3 scale. Tama was my first DD and at the time it was virtually unheard of to have a boy DD/MDD. Only about two years ago did Volks start making b
  5. Thank you so much for posting these pics. I've been having a hard time finding good images of the Madison and I was searching once more before I decided to buy it. I've been having my eye on it for over a year but I didn't really know what to do with it. Right after Thanksgiving I got bit really hard to do some Christmas miniatures and thought I could just make a small room from foam core board to put it in. After struggling to decide on the dimensions (even though I have made rooms like that before) I decided to look at the Adams and Madison again. From the single (non-interior) pic in the st
  6. Thank you so much! I was able to find one on Ebay. I have a punch needle but it looks like it was cheaply made in the 60's or 70's and it was in craft supplies I was gifted after an older family member passed away. I made one project with it (the poodle for a doll poodle skirt) and it worked, but even the needle had some tiny burs on it making it rougher than it should have been. So I'm really excited about this kit.
  7. Any suggestions on how to find a punch needle this small? I'd love to be able to do this. Your rug looks wonderful.
  8. Thank you. I have other project pics I want to add to this album just to show off what I'm capable of since I don't have hardly any miniatures. Actively having miniatures as a hobby is really new to me despite loving them for 30+ years. It feels like an entire creative frontier that I have no idea where the edge of my abilities are and I find it really exciting even if it can be daunting at times.
  9. It's a bit slow and tedious, but I think that has to do with trying to catch up on a lot of pics since November.
  10. When my husband and I saw it in the store it was just too hilarious to pass up. I'm hoping to get the sanding and next layer of paint done sometime today if I can find the energy. Really looking forward to putting the vinyl on and having it look right this time so I can progress with the project. It is going to be fun working on this one.
  11. I'm definitely planning on posting more pics. Just trying to catch up from the last couple of months and have at least a couple more albums to post before I feel like I'm current with my mini photos. Then it won't feel so daunting trying to remember where I am in the backlog. I have quite a few characters on these Obitsu 11cm bodies. I just love how poseable they are for being so small.
  12. Thank you. I was a bit worried that someone would get annoyed that these were not miniatures. I posted them to show that I have some building skills after someone mentioned that if I was an inexperienced builder that bashing two houses together may not be the best idea. I really should take a picture of my Dollfie Dreams standing next to one of my 1/12 scale dollhouses. They would tower over it. From the half scale furniture set I bought it looks like that scale would be perfect for 'play scale' dollhouses for them.
  13. I know I certainly will be working on it but it won't be any time soon unless inspiration strikes hard. I'm thinking of getting the Haunted House kit to get all the trim and everything this was always missing and possibly using it to add an addition to this house. Also to see if this indeed was copied from that kit. The dimentions may be off a tad. But right now it is just very hard because the house seems entirely silent. Havanaholly often mentions about a house speaking to someone, and this one hasn't in a very, very long time. Even as a child I was never very inspired by what to do inside.
  14. At the time I had considered something similar but was not looking forward to all the tedious work that could fail at a few points when my expectation was very high. The vinyl was the best of all the solutions I could research. Total bonus was that it was fast and easy.
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