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This is a little settee for the study, created with a kit from SDK Miniatures.  For some reason, she doesn’t sell this one anymore, but I was able to score one from the Virtual Dollhouse.  The fabric for the cushions came from a local store that specializes in quilting fabrics (Stonemountain & Daughter).  They were selling sets of Prints Charming 5x5 swatches of fabric, in coordinating colors (42 swatches/set).  Each set contained this print in several colorways.  It makes for a big, bold print in half scale, but I’m OK with that.  The great thing is that I was able to completely cover all the cushions (front and back) with one swatch.  A definite plus to working in half scale! 

[For any modern mini-ers out there who might be interested in this fabric, which would likely work even better in 1:12 scale, it’s Prints Charming 17846.  It comes in this green (dark olive), a lighter olive, teal, berry and mocha.]

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I've got some 1/2" scale wooden furniture kits (not this one, but I wish I did lol) and I have some finishing questions.... Do I stain, assemble with glue, then seal with poly?  Or do I have the order wrong? Is there any sanding I need to do?

How do you do it? Any help would be most appreciated!

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16 minutes ago, Cathy C said:

Do I stain, assemble with glue, then seal with poly?  

Yes, that's the right order.  You want to stain before you glue because if you accidentally get glue anywhere on the exposed wood, it won't take the stain properly (as I learned the hard way).  I then sand all my little pieces, make sure I know how all the pieces fit together (sort of a dry fit), assemble with glue, poly, sand, poly, and then finish by "sanding" with a worn, crinkled piece of brown paper bag, which gives it a nice, smooth finish.  Good luck!  Please post pictures when you're done.  I love to see how other kits (especially half scale) turn out.

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Thank you for your help!  I hope to work on some kits this weekend, but I need to purchase stain and supplies first.

What kind of stain do you use?  How do you apply it?  What kind of poly do you use? What glue do you use?

Sorry for all the questions, but I really want to do a nice job. 

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5 minutes ago, Cathy C said:

What kind of stain do you use?  How do you apply it?  What kind of poly do you use? What glue do you use?

I generally use Minwax, applied with a little brush and any excess wiped off.  Some people use the stain pens you can get for doing furniture touch-up.  They are really easy to use and do a nice job, but they come in a limited number of colors.  I use Minwax fast-drying polyurethane in clear satin.  And for glue, my favorite is Titebond wood glue.  Don't feel bad for asking questions.  That's what this forum is for!  You can also post a question on the forum, and you'll get lots of good advice!

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This is really great. The fabric is lovely and you've done such a professional upholstery job. Love it! :D

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