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  1. I watch a lot of home improvement shows and they’ve never felt the need to explain wood stain. But, this show had a pop up box definition.
  2. So good to hear from you, Mike! And happy that you’re going to get back to minis. You are so talented!
  3. I’m so happy that the forum is back, thank you! I daydream of minis, but I’ve been sewing masking and will continue until there is no longer a need.
  4. I see a stovetop with a stockpot on it and a dining table with place settings and chairs.
  5. Also, no toilet, refrigerator or window treatments
  6. I prefer the closeup photo. The interior is a little darker. I like that shadowy look for Halloween. And also, I can see the scene more clearly because it is a closeup. Nicely done, Kathie!
  7. Beautiful home and your color choices compliment it perfectly!
  8. I wrote paint triangles, but they are actually called paint pyramids.
  9. I use flat white interior paint. As Kathy said, paint both sides at once to prevent warping. I use little paint triangles purchased from the home improvement store to sit the pieces on as they dry.
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