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It was SO fun to make the things for this.  So much was made using Sculpey clay - like the chandelier.  I molded the deer antlers onto wire using Sculpey clay.  Then I baked them in the oven, did a bit of touch-up painting on the tips of each antler.  Then glued them all onto the basic chandelier I bought on eBay.  I wish I knew of a better glue because both of the Aileens I tried were a pain in the neck.  I had to retouch every glued place. 

  Thank you for appreciating the fixture stickyfingers.  I couldn't WAIT to get this lodge to the point where I could install the lighting and see how the deer antler chandelier would look in there. 

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Taking out the walls and ceiling was a brilliant idea. it gives that living area a very grand feeling, and showcases that fireplace and the chandelier.

Very cool how you did that chandelier!! I would have never thought of that! I have that same sofa/chair/ottoman set, and plan to do something similar with it for my next build. I just love everything you've done! That fireplace and all of the hunting accessories are just fabulous! Great, great job!!

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  I actually saw deer antlers made with Sculpey clay demonstrated online somewhere and I wanted to make antlers for a 'deer head mount' I thought would be fun.  But then I saw a little chandelier someone was selling online.  I don't think it was lighted though and it was pretty pricey to boot.  So I just started making antlers to fiddle with.  What's funny is that I made a different chandelier from this one at first.  My daughter, who has actually HUNTED deer asked me, "What kind of deer are those supposed to be from?"  WHAT?  She said she'd never seen ones like them.  I hadn't realized that they're supposed to actually have certain forms.  I'd just made what I thought looked like deer horns - willy nilly.  (I thought they looked FABULOUS).  So I started over.  I didn't have the heart to discombobulate the first chandelier though.  So I just bought another basic chandelier on eBay to glue the new horns to. 

  I wonder if I had such a hard time getting them glued on was because I sprayed all of the horns with clear sealer - just to make sure the craft paint I used on the tips was sealed on?  I used the extra horns to add to a lamp that's sitting on the desk back in the far corner of the loft 'office' area.  And deer head mount and long horns over the fireplace are both made with Sculpey Clay too.  So's the large-mouth bass mount, the mallard duck mount (on the fireplace mantle).  (The mallard duck thing was also something I saw online in full size and thought it'd be fun to try to miniaturize.  EVERYTHING is fun to miniaturize! 

  Have you ever used the Sculpey clay?  It gets sticky from just the heat of your fingers as you're working.  So I had to keep setting the pieces down to cool, plus wiping my fingers constantly with Kleenex.  It was still tons of fun.  HEY - 'sticky fingers' - ha, ha.  Maybe that's your name because you use a LOT of Sculpey clay?

  Once again - thank you Stickyfingers for appreciating this.  Not everyone is going to like a dollhouse with a hunting theme.  But I fell in love with this thing as I worked on it.  I wanted it to feel like a place that'd be comfy enough to just put your feet up on the coffee table.  I put the last trims on it yesterday and I think it is now officially finished. 

  How funny that you have the same sofa, chair, ottoman.  They came inside a boxful of dollhouse stuff I purchased with my first dollhouse kit in March from a craigslist ad.  You know what else - there was a little box inside that big box that had some UGLY dollhouse furniture.  It was so silly looking to me that I actually tossed some of it into the garbage can in the garage.  Well a few days later I was looking on eBay for something and there was some of this stuff up for bid.  So I found out what it was called and did some more checking.  I had actually tossed out a little cigarette lighter - selling for $10, an ashtray - also selling for $10, and all of a sudden I realized I had something that was considered 'collectible'.  So I went right out into the garage, upended the garbage can and retrieved everything I could find.  My husband though it was so funny.  But I found I had a 100% complete bathroom set (Petite Princess is the name of the stuff).  I listed it on eBay and sold it for $100!!!  The lady that bought it from me (now a fun dollhouse friend) said she saw a set like it sell on eBay last week for $230 - and it wasn't even as nice as the set she got from me.  You just never know...  Don't throw stuff away!

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Thank you Rimali87.  I never anticipated how much I'd enjoy the process of transforming a pre-built dollhouse.  I'm glad you like it. 

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Wow, your interior decor is amazing. Love everything and love the open feeling. I love open concept dollhouses. Wish there were more of them

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Thank you MLI.  I too want that open feel so the details are easier to see.  I've only done 4 dollhouses and two of them are merely re-working older dollhouses.  But this Bellingham 'redo' is my favorite.  I'm working on a much larger dollhouse 'redo' that I'm making into another lodge right now.  But the smaller one is just so dear to me that it will always be my 'keeper'.



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This latest one is actually a 'Victorian Mansion - VF800' but I didn't want the 'spire' on top of that hexagonal room so I made a new top with a flattened roof for it.  What is odd is that the old 'spire' roof that had been on this (broken into pieces when I got it) weighed a TON.  It was made out of thick MDF which seemed silly to me - for a ROOF?  So I was happy to chuck it anyhow.  This house is heavy enough as it is. 

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