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  1. I agree - amazing details on such a Small!! scale.
  2. I played with that roof for at least an hour or so. The pieces were very curious. I probably missed something obvious in configuring the roof - bur now it is eccentric.
  3. Thanks so much - this was a fun room to create. All started with finding the arch. I took the clock out of the recent design as well as a few pieces of furniture. Maybe he needs his curious clock back!! Love making beds and this one is a one of my favorite fabric combos.
  4. sage minis


    I was lucky as only one knob was broken off when I bought the stove. I replaced it with an odd little piece of broken jewelry.
  5. sage minis


    I was lucky - as only one knob on the front was broken off when I bought the stove. Was easily replaced by a strange little finial. The feet do come off readily - so I glued them in place.
  6. sage minis

    Italian Villa

    This mystery structure came in pieces with no instructions. Turns out - not all the pieces fit together. Now - 4 years later I brought it out again and came up with this configuration. Furnishings are decided - now is time to add remaining walls and do all the surface decorations ( faux stone etc.).
  7. Your details are great. This looks to be a very interesting project and I look forward to seeing the originality and creativity of the whole design.
  8. Glad you posted a pic of the whole interior. I enjoy seeing all your great elements together.
  9. Your pictures, fabrics and esp. the skeleton wallpaper - are all so much fun. This house makes me smile!!
  10. Yes! that table is a scream!!
  11. Great - love it that you are spoiled for choice. Have fun with the clock face you choose and I look forward to seeing how you use it!
  12. sage minis

    IMG 2023

    Gorgeous house structure. Would love to see What you've done with it since 2014!!!
  13. Thank you. The vintage clock face was picked up in an antique store - a random find.
  14. sage minis


    In the last year and half, I've made quite a few beds for various houses.
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