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  1. sage minis

    Husband's bedroom

    I answered - let's see if writing now prompts my answer to come up.
  2. sage minis

    Husband's bedroom

    Thank you - after I'd glued the ceiling painting down I realized, I wish I had done 2 side by side panels. Oh well. . .
  3. sage minis

    Italian Villa

    This mystery structure came in pieces with no instructions. Turns out - not all the pieces fit together. Now - 4 years later I brought it out again and came up with this configuration. Furnishings are decided - now is time to add remaining walls and do all the surface decorations ( faux stone etc.).
  4. sage minis

    1st cutouts.jpg

    This going to be a very unique build. Will be interesting to watch the progress.
  5. I agree - amazing details on such a Small!! scale.
  6. I played with that roof for at least an hour or so. The pieces were very curious. I probably missed something obvious in configuring the roof - bur now it is eccentric.
  7. Thanks so much - this was a fun room to create. All started with finding the arch. I took the clock out of the recent design as well as a few pieces of furniture. Maybe he needs his curious clock back!! Love making beds and this one is a one of my favorite fabric combos.
  8. sage minis


    I was lucky as only one knob was broken off when I bought the stove. I replaced it with an odd little piece of broken jewelry.
  9. sage minis


    I was lucky - as only one knob on the front was broken off when I bought the stove. Was easily replaced by a strange little finial. The feet do come off readily - so I glued them in place.
  10. Your details are great. This looks to be a very interesting project and I look forward to seeing the originality and creativity of the whole design.
  11. Glad you posted a pic of the whole interior. I enjoy seeing all your great elements together.
  12. Your pictures, fabrics and esp. the skeleton wallpaper - are all so much fun. This house makes me smile!!
  13. Yes! that table is a scream!!
  14. Great - love it that you are spoiled for choice. Have fun with the clock face you choose and I look forward to seeing how you use it!
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