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  1. Love your building inspector. Chewing on the handrails is a new safety test? Our house inspectors never utilized that one!
  2. I agree - wonderful detail and sooo tiny.
  3. Love the parapet.
  4. This is such a great idea for a grand mansion. What 2 dollhouse kits did you use to create this space?
  5. sage minis

    flower box

    I love the way the rose tendrils are a growth around the window. The moss on the brick wall adds so much as well.
  6. sage minis


    I don't know if there are any scale "purists". This is a fun forum that shares a lot of info that I personally find very helpful when creating. I'm involved because I've loved seeing detailed dollhouses since I was a kid and that love was revived in adulthood. There are so many people with amazing skills and imaginations on this site. It's a treat.
  7. sage minis

    Front exterior

    Thank you. I wanted something simple in which to display my little collection of Asian minis.
  8. WOW!!!!! Talk about a dream home. . .
  9. Love this weathering effect.
  10. Gorgeous - just love Art Deco. . .
  11. sage minis


    Great use of tiling in bathroom esp. shower. . .
  12. sage minis


    The colors textures and weathering are wonderful. Great windows. . .
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