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  1. WOW!! - so fun. . .
  2. So - so creative and fun!!!
  3. There are some great images here. Am looking forward to seeing how your adobe house progresses.
  4. I like this kitchen and the breadbox is adorable.
  5. sage minis


    I agree - - more interior pics please. This is adorable.
  6. sage minis


    This project just cracks me up - it is so cute and amusing!!!!
  7. Very clever and effective use of candle holders. The windows make the space!!
  8. sage minis


    Thank you. I've collected these items - very slowly. The earliest is a pot I bought in 1972 - when traveling cross country. Most were found second hand in the last 14 years.
  9. sage minis

    Pueblo Shop

    I'm turning a cardboard box into a Pueblo Shop to display primarily Native American mini collectables.
  10. Thank you. Find myself using items from my inventory. For weeks thought about how to display these southwestern items . First idea was a house but this idea felt better
  11. sage minis


    Your flowers are beautifully detailed. Was just looking at your southwestern room. Loved the food, plants etc. that you made with such precise detail. (There will be redundant comments as at first my comments did not always appear until I commented a second time!!) Thanks for the paper punch reply.
  12. Thanks for sharing the great details on how you created the vines and foliage.
  13. sage minis

    Veggie platter done

    Your details and realism of your food is amazing.
  14. Your food details are amazing.
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