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  1. Thank you. This little shop has been so much fun to keep changing over the years.
  2. sage minis

    Left wall

    Thank you so much.
  3. I agree - the stonework looks realistic and grouted. I esp. like the texture and color variations you achieved.
  4. sage minis

    Little Shop

    This little shop keeps going through interior changes.
  5. sage minis

    more closeups.jpg

    The bottles are a clever idea for lanterns. I also really like your bench with shelves and drawers. What you are doing with this build is interesting. . . 😊
  6. sage minis


    Wow. . .
  7. sage minis

    SW Roombox 1a.jpg

    You have some really amazing furnishings and art objects in your Southwestern room boxes.
  8. sage minis


    The interior and exterior are both so rich in details. This house is a lovely depiction of the period.
  9. sage minis

    Museum Front 1.jpg

    Love what you are doing. Also will be so fun collecting more art acquisitions for your museum. The building itself is gorgeous.
  10. Wow - after seeing all the pics - this IS a big house with a Very unusual shape.
  11. sage minis

    Whole interior

    Thank you. I too love mixing contemporary and traditional / natural and modern materials.
  12. sage minis

    Left interior

    I too would love that table in real life. Thank you both for the lovely sentiments.
  13. sage minis

    Circus in a Lamp

    This circus scene is so clever. I esp. like the high wire act.
  14. Looking at this again - and still just WOW!!!
  15. Great idea for enlarging the kitchen,
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