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  1. The decor details are wonderful on this house and this little bar is so clever.
  2. Charming inside and out, I esp. like the kitchen.
  3. Love all the details on this house - inside and out.
  4. Wonderful detailed garage with great character.
  5. Clever access to turret rooms.
  6. Beautiful window treatment and paneling.
  7. A French Chatau - WOW - This is a dream house. . .
  8. Charming little! vignette!!
  9. sage minis


    Sweet country kitchen. . .
  10. sage minis

    Natural Aging.jpg

    Love the natural aging. Perfect house for your planned interior designs.
  11. sage minis

    Construction crew

    Cute helpers!!!
  12. This glass block room is clever. Was it made with leggos? Also - the champagne and trifle dessert looks delicious. Did you make the iris plant as well?
  13. Generous apartments - much "bigger" than the one we lived in - in S.F. - for 2 years. (Was the lower floor of a Victorian.)
  14. Curious how much the embassy is shaped like the house you pictured in you next entry.
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