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  1. Thank you for the invaluable advice! I will do it that way for my next build! I am building another Pierce after this for my youngest.
  2. The skewer/dowel idea is a great idea! I'll try to see if it will work but if not, I'll stick with the spackle idea. That's still a great trick to remember for future reference.
  3. No, seems I did a greater job glueing that I did fitting the pieces together. Lol
  4. I thought about the spackle idea but wasn't sure if that was a smart idea to mention. Thank you!
  5. Sorry, I'm not sure why it did that. I'll try again.
  6. I used wood glue. I will definitely be using tape on my next build. thank you for the advice. I also included a picture of it, just in case. :) dollhouse.jfif
  7. I do have one more help request. I can't attach a picture using my phone for some reason and I'm not home at the moment but I will when I get home. I've been working on the kitchen bay (which I should have waited to do till after I checked your responses) and the instructions said to glue the side pieces first and then the middle piece. I did as instructed and when I glued in the middle, I notice a significant gap between the right side and middle piece. Do I need to remove it and make the slots bigger so I can slide the piece closer the the middle one? And if so, how do I remove it carefully without breaking anything since it's already glued? Thank you all for your help and patience with this clueless newby.
  8. Sorry for the late response, I have been extremely busy. thank y'all for the advice. It isn't a clean break and I did add glue to it and that seems to have helped but I wasn't sure if that would be enough in the long run. The tabs weren't glued in when it broke but they are now. I did all this of course, before I read your responses. The floor isn't primed but I do have some things primed, some painted and primed and some untouched. Can you tell I'm a.d.d.? Lol. Really I'm just trying to figure out what's best to do now or later and this is my first build so I can only imagine what my pictures look like to you veterans.
  9. I'm close to finishing my first dollhouse which has taken me almost 2yrs to make from being so busy. The dollhouse is for my 11yr old daughter and she chose the house to be country white with green trim for the windows but I'm not sure what color to do the doors and decorative trim pieces. I included a picture of what it looks just in case that helps. Also, while I was installing the 3rd floor today, I was having a hard time lining up all the tabs in their proper places. I was having to rig it to keep it in place for the glue to dry. While I was trying to do said rigging and push a difficult tab in, the floor broke but not completely in half. Almost like it buckled. I'm so upset since that's such a large section. Is there a way to fix it? I tried to include a picture of that as well to help. Thank you in advance.
  10. I had a feeling that would be the case. Thank you!!
  11. I know it isn't the best choice but I am building the inside staircase for my daughter's dollhouse (The Pierce ) and I can't find my wood stain anywhere. I live quite a ways out from stores so I can't just pop in the car and get more. Can I stain it after I glue it together or is that just a big no no? I've been making progress, however slow, so I'd like to keep things moving but I don't want to rush and do a sloppy job out of impatience. Any advice would be helpful.
  12. Thank you! I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure. I felt dumb for asking but I reeeeally didn't want to screw it up. and the Lego idea, genius!
  13. The Pierce. I used masking tape but I'm still unsure where to glue. Do I only glue where the pieces lock in? (Reminds me of a puzzle) yes, I am that person that asks such obvious questions. Lol I make the inexperienced look experienced. :)
  14. So, after much delay, I'm finally starting to build the first dollhouse. I feel very unprepared and I really don't want to ruin it. When glueing the pieces together, do I glue along the bottoms of the whole piece or the joints or somewhere else? Any help would be great, thank you!
  15. Thank you for mentioning Fimo Food!!! I've never heard of it but was planning to make small clay food with my daughters for their dollhouses! Now I know it has a name and found all kinds of ideas!
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