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  1. Well rats...tried to upload an album, and having trouble. Will try again this weekend.
  2. Oh, and when I realized that you could vote for more than one entry, I went back and voted for all of the ones I liked. Most of the entries were really wonderful!
  3. My entry was "The Ofrenda". I am just so, so happy with it, I don't care if I didn't win. I made a Dia de los Muertos alter...not my usual fare. I did a lot of research on the holiday, and tried to make the build culturally accurate. I made almost all of it myself, and the few accessories I bought, most of those I painted or altered to suit the build. I learned how to work with polymer clay (a first!) and made most of the food myself. I costumed my Catrinas, and painted their faces. I made sugar skulls. I made the flower swag and the papel picado. I made the table and the crates. I made the fl
  4. Right? I feel bad for the people that did some really nice work, and are hardly getting any votes. Also, a little disappointing to not see HBS posting all of the entries on their Facebook page. When the contest started, it disappeared from the website. I entered, never expected to win, but...wow.
  5. I have a Linfield kit. It was the first kit I ever bought, and I immediately disliked it as soon as I got it home, so I've never done anything with it, and have considered selling it. Seeing yours, all in wood tones, and seeing your vision for it, has given me new inspiration. It's really lovely as-is, and I'm excited to see what you do with it!
  6. Anyone following this? Interesting to see how the voting is playing out.
  7. stickyfingers

    With trim

    What a gorgeous house!!! Those windows are spectacular! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  8. Those fairies are really wonderful!! I love the costumes and the hair is perfect!
  9. I have an old wooden refrigerator and a small stove that I'm going to makeover for the Heritage. The metal hinges on the fridge are rusty and loose and don't fit very well. I'm wondering if I can just remove them and use a strip of Tyvek for a hinge instead?
  10. I'm pretty sure it's just one page. Don't panic. Here's what I do with a new kit: Inventory the kit and make sure you have all of the pieces. Read the instructions through several time, making any notes in the margins about questions, concerns, etc. Label all pieces with the name or part number with a pencil. Take your time, relax, have fun!
  11. MaryKate, just go to the airshow! I know some of the pilots, and it might have been fun!
  12. I needed a low sheen water based poly for another project and discovered Valspar. It's the finish I used for the top of my faux granite craft cart in my albums. Great product, and a wonderful dull satin sheen.
  13. Glad to have you, and your work just gets better and better!
  14. You can always go to the maker's website to find all of the instructions and warnings.
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