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3rd session, 16-18 August



Now I'm setting up outside our camper in a campground 9 miles from Abingdon, VA. I've had marvelous luck finding store fixtures & merchandise. So far I have

  • 4 Country Crock serving packets (empty & clean) for galvanized tubs
  • ceiling covering found at AC Moore
  • beads for a bead curtain divider
  • signs
  • buckets
  • flower pots in two sizes
  • 4 barrels
  • 6 finial dowel caps for planters
  • 10 round mini mirrors

I primed the house exterior (it decided it wants to be "stone")I masked off the areas I don't want to be stone and bought a new tub of spackle (KISS). The new primer takes a second coat (!)


I installed the downstairs ceiling, which required piecing.


The plastic didn't much care for diluted Elmer's, but reinforced with undiluted Elmer's made it much happier! :angry:

Next I primed the business out of the bay.


I have great trepidations regarding installing ANYTHING that can be ruined by paint (I have found some really awful paint damage on my pretty striped paper bad enough it'll have to go, <SOB!>), but I have to install the interior & exterior bay casing with acetate inserts to install the bay roof.

blog-8-1157385488_thumb.jpg blog-8-1157385672_thumb.jpg

I used the bay bottom piece to make a paper pattern for display shelves for the bay. My only complaint about the instructions so far is that they only give the location for the bay top & bottom, I had to use the schematics to find the casings & roof. I primed the casings & assembled & installed the bay.


Once the bay was dry I installed the roof (note: It makes more sense to run the masking tape across the outside of the bay roof pieces).


Next I R & P the porch parts and one door casing so I could mark & mask the house front. I primed both sides of the porch ceiling and assembled & primed the trim & railings.

As soon as I installed the porch ceiling I saw what a good idea Suzy & Sabrins had to make it into a bed :huh: . Since this space will be the proprietor's living quarters, it'll free up much-needed room for other items.

I began the spackling process by rubbing it over all the raw edges of the plywood. I began with the rear foundation and carved "stones" with a toothpick (tool of choice). next I smoothed the raw edges of the bay and then "iced" the right wall & "stoned" it.


I also assembled the porch floor & step.


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