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2nd session, 5-8 August



I'm set up in DS' basement next to the stairs, lots of horizontal surfaces to spread out on when no one else is home.

First I dry-fit the shell and it was sweet!


No "surgery needed to fine-tune the fit! Assembled & glued the shell & reinforced the edges with heavy-duty staples.


The downstairs shop & storage room have informed me they want to be finished with vertical boards (like the second floor of the Coventry Cottage). The siding strips for this are sitting next to my worktable in Havana, FL; I'm standing in Burke, VA <mumble, mumble>. I set aside the downstairs divider wall & marked the placement for the upstairs divider wall.

Next I dry-fit, assembled & installed the dormers into the roof front without any sanding or "shaving".


Wow, is this kit a honey to put together! The gable also fit & installed without any problems!


Way to go, Dean & crew! :huh: :angry:

Next I masked the floors and and primed the interior roof front & back and both sides of the gable & dormers, which want to be either brick or shingle (all in Havana, FL). I also primed the window areas inside & out, and the divider wall.

blog-8-1157384199_thumb.jpg blog-8-1157384511_thumb.jpg

I papered upstairs with really great scrapbook papers from Michael's. Oops, the bucket of wallpaper paste is in FL; I cut down an empty Dasani bottle and mixed half & half white Elmer's & water & painted both the walls & the paper with it and it seems to be working very satisfactorily.


I painted the unpapered surfaces. Need I say where all my paints & small brushes, etc, are? DS offered his unused set of acrylics (all my boys turned into wonderful men, BTW). Some of the needed colors were dry in the (unopened) tube, and went on much more transparent than was consistant with the look I wanted. I must look for a Benjamin Moore paint store. Thank you, Linda Cullen, turning the house upside down makes painting a lot easier.


I installed the upstairs divider wall & roof.


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