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  1. My 2008 Spring Fling Contest entry
  2. I am so glad to see you building something. I know it can be hard to get back into the swing of things. I am gong to take some inspiration from you and consider starting to build something in the near future. Melissa
  3. darrellandmelissa

    Hansel and Gretal

    The rehab of an old prebuilt kit
  4. darrellandmelissa

    Petit point

    A few things I have stitched
  5. darrellandmelissa

    Gazebo RGT kit

    Wedding table centerpiece
  6. darrellandmelissa

    Items in have made

    Little things to fill a house
  7. It has been over a year since I have written here. So much has happened. Too much to list. Am currently working on cretaing and organizing my laundry room so it can also be a craft room once again. I seem to have misplaced a lot of my minins and supplies in the garage soemwhere. I am sure in time they will turn up, but it is bothering me that I can not find certain things,
  8. I have finished and decorated the Orchid. I will be taking it down to the TV station Friday morning. Here are a few pictures of the outside. I put a small wreath for the holiday season on the door, since it will be offered at the holiday auction. The plant on the trellis is from a swap here. I thought it looked perfect and it kept telling me it wanted to live there. Here is a full pic of the inside Now for pics of the individual rooms. I really like how this house turned out.
  9. Here is the little amount of progress I have managed to do while ill. The bedroom dormer area is finished. I put a tulle net curtain suspended from the ceiling, made some pillows, and used an old earing for a beaded curtain over the window. This is the curtain for the larger room with the dormer. The small room upstairs has a curtain now. I am starting to put on the shingles. I still have 2 more curtains to make and to finish the kitchen area and build some furniture.
  10. This is not all my progress, I decided to save some pictures for the next post. I got both sides of the house sided and the bay window attached. I made a curatin for the bay window. the flash sort of washed it out, but it is a purple tulle net material with sparkles in it. There will be a nice pediment shelf across the top. To make siding the dormer peek easier after gluing on the window frames I founf the peice the frame punched out from and used it as a template to cut the siding. The living room has been carpeted and the coffee stirrer stick wainscoiting app
  11. I have been progressing slowly. The bay window is now attached and I am painstakingly adding siding on the sides 1 board at a time. It seems I will never finsh, but I know I will. I packed up the dollhouse in the car today and took it to Joann's what a mistake. As I was pushing a basket around the store, I think half of the city I live in had to look at it. There were a lot of women there getting spuulies for a beginning serger class at the community college adult community programs. I finally did get some material suitable for carpeting and drapes. I had accidently tossed the wallpaper scras
  12. Since my son was still at camp untill he got home 3:00 pm Sunday, (school starts 8:00 am Monday), and my earache is starting to feel better, I started decorating the outside. I glued the windows and most of the frame minus the pediment caps. I forgot to take a picture of this step. I figgured painting the siding strip individually would be easier to work with considering all the angle cuts I will need to make to go around the window frames. Next I started gluing on the siding strips. The front of the first floor has been sided. The pediments glued on. I just l
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