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  1. Peeking in the door and sticking a toe in to say hello. Oh my is that an old pic of me. There have been so many changes in my life. It would take paragraphs to catch everyone up. Quick breakdown. Have not built mini's in years but still look at the houses I have everyday. We bought a very small house (1 bedroom), a few years ago. I work 2 jobs now. 1 job is at the Store Darrell worked at when we were active here. Darrell retired this January. Second job is at a Viking sewing Gallery in Joann's where I get paid to play with and sell sewing machines. We have quite a few grandchildren now. I developed insulin resistance a couple years ago and as a result have lost a little weight (78 pounds). Last but not least Darrell and I plan to finally tie the knot later this year. I will mention this topic to him after he wakes up. I am not sure if either of us will ever build mini's again but we still have all of our supplies and kits and do to the way we had to store things most of our built houses need rehabbed, but we really do not have any room yet to build.
  2. Thank you for posting the pictures. I now have a better idea of room size then the picture on the box. Melissa
  3. After a very long absence from this hobby, Darrell and I are planning to have an area to work on dollhouses ready by this fall. The first thing we will do is refurbish and fix the dollhouses we have, as they way they have been stored caused a little damage. Some bubbling of wallpaper some things have come unglued ect.. . We also were gifted with a what looks complete Dura Craft Bellingham farmhouse, a friend picked up for $10 at a thrift store with the intention of gifting the kit to us.. The kit has tons of pieces the powder and tape for the bricks and rocks. The window plastic was damaged and of course it has NO instructions, but for the money our friend could not pass it up. I will be glad when or small shed is finished and we can have some room on our screened porch . I shamefully will admit that even after 2 years we are not yet fully unpacked from the move. Melissa
  4. All of my CD's have been downloaded to my comp and into itunes. I put some of them into my ipod nano and use the ipod or Darrell's ipod touch. I also listen to the stereo to play the tons of LP's I have until I get a USB turntable and download the albums to the comp.
  5. I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome back. I missed all my friends here.
  6. Hello to all my old friends and to the new ones I have yet to meet. It has been at least a year since Darrell or I posted. We have some difficulties and some big changes in our life lately. I am still looking for work, 17 months unemployed can do strange things to your bank account. Anyways we could no longer continue to live in the manner we were accustomed to. We ended up selling a lot of our belongings and borrowing some from one of the kids,and downsized. Last month we bought a single wide mobile home in a nice park. I had some regrets leaving our 2 bedroom house and large yard. In just the few short weeks we have been here my whole attitude on life has changed. I can not remember being this happy and content in years. While I am not quite ready to start working on mini's again a few have been unpacked and placed in the house, dusted and a few pieces of furniture placed in them. It will be impossible for me to keep all the houses I have but for the present am undecided on what to do with them. I do plan to work on mini's once we get a little more unpacked and organized. I really like the new place, it even has rose bushes in the yard already, and we can plant anything we want in the little yard. It seems strange that what I looked upon at first as a disaster has turned into such a blessing. Melissa
  7. Yesterday and today I have been fabric and pattern shopping. I am sewing a new wardrobe for myself. I can't seem to find what I like that fits so will just make it. Melissa
  8. I am 47 and have been looking for work since February, it is not your age, it is the economy. Melissa
  9. Waving hello from the way northern part of the state (Shasta county). Melissa and Darrell
  10. Thank Kathie for fixing the url. Yesterday we went to the Winchester Mystery House, what a strange place. We also took the behind the scenes tour there and got to go into the basement. Today we went to the Tech Museum of Innovation. They have a machine there we had fun playing in until the place go crowded. It simulated big earthquakes, lol. They also had am imax dome theater we watched a show in. We then went to the Japanese friendship garden, beautiful peaceful place. and to the history in the park exhibit.
  11. I just realized that and will be attending Saturday after all.
  12. Our plans have changed slightly and we will be attending the show on Friday instead of Saturday. I am so excited. I have never attended a miniature show. Melissa
  13. The past two days have been busy. Monday ee went to a nearby art museum, a park, and the Mission santa claira de assisi. Tuesday we went to the intel museum located at intel headquarters, then to the Rosicrucian museum, what an interesting place, Today we plan to go the Winchester mystery house. We have been doing our best to keep our travel website up to date. http://web.me.com/darrelladmelissa Melissa
  14. Darrell and I are on vacation. We are spending 9 nights in silicon valley. Friday we drove down to San Jose and checked into our hotel. Saturday we got up early and drove to Santa Cruz to go spend some time at the boardwalk amusement park. I had so much fun there. They had an older carousel with brass rings you toss in the clowns mouth. I had never ridden a brass ring one. I caught one of the first rings to come out and tossed it right into the clowns mouth LOL. They also have an 84 year old wooden roller-coaster, that was fun but a very bumpy ride. There was also a kite festival on the beach that was fun to watch. Today we went to Great America's Amusement park. It was great, lol. For some reason it was pretty empty. we easily walked into rides with very short lines. We rode assorted roller-coasters all day, sometimes getting off and walking back to the entrance just to wait about 5 minutes to get back on again. Also rode on the top section of a double decker carousel. Tomorrow we plant to rest, but may walk to a nearby museum. Melissa
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