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3 day weekend progress



This is not all my progress, I decided to save some pictures for the next post. I got both sides of the house sided and the bay window attached.


I made a curatin for the bay window. the flash sort of washed it out, but it is a purple tulle net material with sparkles in it. There will be a nice pediment shelf across the top.


To make siding the dormer peek easier after gluing on the window frames I founf the peice the frame punched out from and used it as a template to cut the siding.


The living room has been carpeted and the coffee stirrer stick wainscoiting applied;


The bedroom has been carpeted and the baseboards attached.


I still have a pot to do. I need to find something to use on the kitchen floor and baseboards for that room. But am currently working on decorating. I am not in the mood to sand and paint thr gingerbread yet. and and I do not even want to think about shingles. I need to get the shingl;e at least up to the bottom of the dormers before siding them.

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