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Changing the Windows

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Minis On The Edge


I have decided to change the window silk screen and leave it clear below and a Wistera stained glass print on the top of the double hung windows. The bay window will be texture glass and only the big octagon window will have a stained glass pattern. To see more about how I do stained windows, click HERE .

I painted the window Casings "Brown Iron Oxide" I also painted the Pediments this color. I then painted the the window sashes "Dark Burt Umber" (it almost look black in the pictures but it is not :o ).

blog-4-1154044018_thumb.jpg blog-4-1154043991_thumb.jpg

I love the way it has turned out so far. I made transparencies from some stained glass window pictures I had. I printed them directly on transparency film and put glue around the casings and placed them on the part that I wanted to show in the window. After it dried, I cut them from the sheet and glued them in place on the house :lol: .

blog-4-1154043970_thumb.jpg blog-4-1154044066_thumb.jpg

Complements of Minis on the edge

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I love the stained glass and want to change out the octagons and door lites in my own Orchid. I printed my designs out with a hp deskjet printer on a 3M transparency sheet. They don't seem to be drying very fast, even with the application of a hair dryer for several minutes.

Did you find that it took a very long time for your prints to dry?

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You may be printing them on the wrong side of the sheet. Try printing with the other side facing up. ;) I got mine at Walmart. I buy Hammermill Transparencies. They are 4mil thick. I use them on my HP officeJet G55. I hope this helps!!

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I really, REALLY like the wisteria window! With a bell tower this kit would make a cute church, too! another versatile kit!

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