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Minis On The Edge


I don't know what it is about opening a Brand New Wood Kit from Greenleaf but I ALWAYS feel so excited. I am not sure if it is the first smell of wood fresh of out of the box or the fact that it is a new house waiting to be born or what. I just know I have feel excited about it eveytime.

I opened the box and it told me it did not want to be a stone house from medieval times or shortly after. It said it wants to use the same windows from the kit (Which are so cool because they look like they really can open and close).

I started building the shell and I got this far in under 1 hour. I used wood glue and my favorite fast bonding glue "Quick Grab". I use the Quick kgrab to hold the house into place while the wood glue dries and it turns out very well for me this way.

blog-4-1154043113_thumb.jpg blog-4-1154043085_thumb.jpg blog-4-1154043151_thumb.jpg

This is the "Building the shell" part. This house is SUPER fast to build if you are going to build it according to the directions without bashing, this can really be a fast build that will take you days NOT weeks to build. I hope many more of you out there that have this kit hidden in your favorite spot (Basement, Garage or under the bed) will dust it off and join us in building this kit too!

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Dear Minis On the Edge,

I cannot figure out the double hung windows. I have eight sashes and 4 windows. What do I put in the bottom of the four windows? Don't the shashes have a front and a back? I only have 4 plastic window inserst. Help!!

Mary Anne

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