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New visitor at Greenleaf

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Well this was the sign that greeted me when I got to the office yesterday. It was hanging on the door to Bev's office which I usually past through to get to mine. While I was explaining that we had to use the other entrance to my trusted travel companion, Seven the Dog, Bev popped out to tell me about our guest.


This is Snowball, the one eyed, seven toed, deaf cat friend that is staying with us for a while. She was living with Bev's sister who can no longer have pets, so she is in search of a good home. Usually, this is the first step in adding a long term addition to the Greenleaf family; the cat friend is just on visiting status for a while until we finally admit the truth. We haven't had any cat friends living here in over a year, so this may truly be short term. Honestly though, as soon as I saw the "one eye" and "deaf" on the sign, I was figuring out where to put the litter box. We're suckers for purring fur around here and a cat that is down on their luck gets bonus points and the seven toe thing is the icing on the cake (my Grand Pops use to think it was a good omen). I'm staying out of this decision, but I'm betting that we have a new cat.

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Awwww, how sweet isn't she :wub: ??? If I were closer I would be there in a hearbeat trying to convince you that she would like it living at our house ;) Let us know when she finds her "new" home LOL

Hugs and thanks for sharing her her story with us!

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You know what? I think you got a lucky cat on your hands! I say keep it.

It has survived being with one eye and deafness. And I think you got the lucky number 7 in your favor.

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