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Forum Upgrade

Mini Man



We are working on a long over due update to our forum.  This update is necessary and as with previous updates, it's sure to bring new features that you may come to love or hate.  Along with these new feature should come an increase speed and stability.  I appreciate everyone's patience during this transition and request that you do not email customer support about any forum issues as they won't be addressed.  

Mostly, I just wanted to see how the blogs are functioning prior to the upgrade which the main reason for this post.  Posting images using the "insert existing attachment" feature is something I hope members will consider when adding an image to a post.  Our upload directory is getting oversize and uploading an image to a post that is already in the gallery is redundant.  


We can also link to any image using the URL feature.


You can also embed a gallery into your post which I'm attempting to do here.  


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