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I can finally use my cell phone again

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A while back I blogged a story about concerns over cell phones affecting the bees' navigation system. In a nut shell, it basically said that cell phones might be keeping bees from pollinating crops which would ultimate lead to the extinction of the human race in four years. Well I'm here to tell you we can all relax and turn our phones back on. The giant colony of bees that moves into one of our warehouses every year (above) arrived like clockwork from where ever it is they spend their winters. Unfortunately though, this eliminates one more excuse I've used to avoid my diet (why worry about a few extra pounds if we're all dead in four years?), so it looks like I'm heading back to the gym come Monday (uh, that's next Monday).

I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July now knowing that you can swat at those pesky bees and use your cell phone without fear of destroying the world. Now using charcoal however, well that's a different story. On second thought, since it was 41 degrees here this morning, we can use a little of that global warming around these parts, so fire up some of those charcoal brickets and have a fantastic holiday!

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I always wondered what de.li.cious was...and now I know. Allrecipes.com it the best recipe site!

Dean it is cold here in CT too. Kind of feels like Fall...in July! I will take it though.

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There are a few social bookmarking websites out there Heidi. I used del.icio.us as an example because they are one of the most popular. You might have notice their icon, delicious.small.gif, on different web pages while you're out browsing the web. Clicking on these icons will add the page to your online favorites so you can share a great site or article you might stumble upon. Of course, you have to become a subscriber first, but it's free and the registration is painless. Most services like this also have a tool bar you can add to further enhance their service.

I think the NE is going to stay chilly all week Heidi... be sure to bring a jacket to the fireworks!

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