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All Right, Webshots is DOWN (Has been all day) I did not want to have to resize all of these pictures to do it in the blog so we will have class here Come on in, take a seat!!

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I just got a little nervous there LOL. If you walk away from the clay take a damp papertowel and lay it over it. As Lisa Mentioned it will dry too fast and you will not be able to add the stone lines. <_< :)

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Your hearth should look like this in the end:


Now let's score the stone lines. I used a plastic cut up credit card because i did not have a popscicle stick handy. Just press Gently to make a scored line here:



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Now you can take that paperclay you rolled out and cut another peice for the midsection. I all ways eyeball it and try to cut a peice bigger than what I need. These parts can be trimmed off later:


Now take that new piece and lay it over the middle of the fireplace:


cover this part with your plastic bag to use later:


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Take your brush and pounce the side of it to texture it and to help it adhere:


Do like wise to the front of it:


Score a line (Don't press too hard butlightly) in the middle to help it spread with out damaging the clay:


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