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The Uninstructional Dollhouse

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I just purchased a dollhouse kit called The Glencroft that had been sold in the 80's off FB Marketplace and once I got it home and looked thru the box, realized there are NO INSTRUCTIONS!!! I have NEVER built a dollhouse before and have no idea where to even start. The seller has marked the l listing as sold which closed communications down so I cannot contact him to see if the instructions are lying about somewhere in his house. 

I've wandered around the site here and the store site but have found nothing that gives me download instructions to get the help I need. 

Does anyone have a set of old instructions they can share? Any information on where to GET the instructions?

ALSO: Any good videos of where to start and how to best build a house for a newbie like me?? 

After seeing ALL those pieces in the box I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into!

Thank you for any advice and help you can give!


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Michele, the Building Team built and blogged the Glencroft back in 2005, so once someone can find their instructions and get them to you you'll have some suggestions for building it.

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I have them and have been building the Glencroft this winter. You will need more than just the instructions for a couple parts.  Very tricky however once seeing photos of other building blogs it made sense. 

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