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Round wiring help


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I have wired my house but have come up with a problem.  The white 12 socket strip has two fork like prongs to connect the transformer.  My transformer doesn't have the screw terminals on but a single round connector.  A little connector was supplied to change the one into a 2 screw connector. Underneath each screw is a hole big enough for only one side of the fork. How do I connect the screws to the fork things.  One full fork thing won't fit under one screw without leaving half the fork thing outside the box.

But the fork thing fits nicely with one side in each hole under each screw. But that would leave one fork not connected 



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I think I might have sorted it. I got a message from the place I bought it saying just cut the terminal off the wire and screw it into the adapter. Hopefully it will work 

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