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Beacon Hill first dollhouse


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It's been awhile since I built the Beacon Hill, but I looked at the directions.  It looks like it is a support brace that you glue on the bottom.  According to the picture, it goes in the middle, standing on its side, pointing from front to back.  The blog mention above will definitely also be helpful, and she has a picture of what the foundation should look like from underneath. 

Greenleaf directions can be a bit challenging if you are like me and don't process written directions well.  The key is to build the dollhouse like a puzzle.  Fit things together multiple times first without gluing (dryfitting) until you are sure you have it correct. Also, label your parts with pencil.  It will make things easier when taking pieces apart and putting them back together.  It also helps if pieces accidentally get punched out. Most importantly, don't get discouraged.  Building dollhouses are a labor of love that take a lot of time and patience.  The end product it worth it though.

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