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I've had the Duracraft Mansions in Miniature "San Franciscan" SF 550 Dollhouse Kit sitting in my parent's garage for YEARS! It was handed down to me a while ago. My child and I just decided to start working on it to create the REALLY cool (many year) project of turning it into a haunted house. I don't know anything about miniatures... but we are looking forward to learning! If anyone has any words of wisdom (specifically) on where to find replacement parts or how to build walls i would be super grateful! We have a few ideas, (I just brought the house home this afternoon!) so please, tell me your favorite sites or ideas! 


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Welcome to the little family, Wendy.  My first-ever kit build was the SF555, which came with a VHS video that I watched many times.  For assembling the wall sections I had a lovely flat surface of an old desk and a carpenter's square and a roll of masking tape.  I separated the pieces of wall sections into piles of what I needed for each wall and lay two strips of masking tape sticky side up a few inches apart on my flat surface, which I had covered with a large piece of waxed paper.  I squeezed a thin bead of wood glue (I like Probond or Titebond) into the groove of the first piece and laid it across the two strips of tape and carefully jammed the tongue of the second section of wall into the groove of the first; using the carpenter's square to make sure all the edges were flush with each other I built each of my wall sections this way.

For replacement parts check Manchester Woodworks.

I used this book to make some of the furniture:


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