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    Reading, genealogy, knitting, miniatures (new), not necessarily in that order. My blog is called "A Bluestocking Knits".

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  1. Welcome! I have the same kit, handed down to me still in its box. I look forward to seeing your progress!
  2. Bluestocking

    Desert cart

    Milk, no sugar, for me please!
  3. Nice that you have so many helpers!
  4. I can hang on to it for a while if you're serious!
  5. Bluestocking

    Hardy House

    UPDATE: This house is available "free to good home". It is a bit of a wrench for me to give it away as it is unique and charmingly quirky, but I want to focus on my dream projects, which were put on hold when this fell into my lap. Please PM me -- local (Southern California) delivery available or you can collect it. My remodel of The Golden Lion Inn. The "story" is that the old inn has been remodeled into a family home -- it is ca.1950, and the family has many things inherited from previous generations. I've called it "Hardy House" after the shop on the builder's plate, Hardy's M
  6. Free to good home, Hardy House, formerly The Golden Lion Inn. Built in 1981 by “Budd” for Hardy Miniatures shop in Redlands, Calif. When the shop closed, the house languished in storage for some years, until it was adopted by a fellow miniaturist in my local NAME group, who gave it to me in 2017. She had made some modifications, as have I. Some pieces of trim are no longer attached, but I have most of them, and also some of the original contents (tavern bar, roasting pig over a fire, etc.! including the inn sign) which of course will be included. There are six rooms at the open back,
  7. There are a lot of great ideas here -- https://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net/craft-paint-storage-ideas Jeanne
  8. I didn't know how very easily Plexiglas scratches, so now I have scratched lines around the door window of my shop-to-be, on both sides, from the edges of the sandpaper while I was sanding. (Hangs head in shame.) Is there a way to "fix" or disguise the scratches? Unfortunately, the window part is not removable on this particular door -- and I've already painted it, hoping there would be a better solution than adding some curtains ... Jeanne
  9. I couldn't find vinyl lettering in anything like the font or size I wanted, so I was very happy when this worked!
  10. Bluestocking

    Stove unit

    They look wonderful! Well done you!
  11. I was so nervous about it that I put it off for weeks! I painted over some of it and did it again, so I would recommend to anyone who is new at it to have the base color paint on hand. You can also rub off some of the aging before it dries, if you know immediately that it isn't right. "Less is more" here, and the layering of aging colors really helps to give a good effect, so just tell yourself that you can add more if it needs it. Try it!
  12. That's a lovely shop front! Beautiful colors, too --
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