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    Reading, genealogy, knitting, miniatures (new), not necessarily in that order. My blog is called "A Bluestocking Knits".

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  1. The crossed-out items are no longer available -- Engler Company Designs/Lisa’s Little Things “Fashionably Dressed” gents’ haberdasher shop counter with accessories Engler Company Designs/Lisa’s Little Things “Napoleonic Influence Kit” (travel case and contents) and “Vested Manniquin” -- https://web.archive.org/web/20190214064830/http://lisaslittlethings.com/men-s-shoppe/10-men-s-shoppe/219-vested-mannequins Bespaq B3045 Mission-style sideboard/credenza with mahogany finish, *missing one drawer handle and escutcheon* (matches armoire B3035 below) https://picclick.com/Bespaq-Mission-Credenza-Mahogany-Vintage-Dollhouse-Furniture-143464007249.html Bespaq B3035 Mission-style china cabinet with mahogany finish (matches sideboard B3045 above) https://picclick.com/Bespaq-China-Cabinet-Mission-Style-112-Scale-333821346566.html Bespaq B6595 club chair upholstered in gold and black Bespaq 1906MH “Emporium” display cabinet with mirrored back and angled glass shelves in mahogany finish https://picclick.com/Bespaq-Miniature-Emporium-Slant-Display-Case-264914277548.html gent’s haberdashery display rack, one side mirrored, one side racks (possibly Bespaq B3945) Chrysnbon CHR2109 parlor stove kit Thanks!
  2. Heh-heh, I'm pretty sure that's the original Bespaq upholstery, as I've seen the same chair elsewhere with the same fabric! I've been tempted now and then to experiment with re-covering it with leather, but it's a bit far down on my list of things to do! Jeanne
  3. Wow, thank you! I admit that cutting the molding was a frustrating procedure ...
  4. Bluestocking

    Street of Shops

    A very generous member of my miniatures group gave me all three of the Houseworks "Street of Shops" kits, which I am slowly but happily putting together. More photos and details can be found here -- https://mathomhouse.typepad.com/bluestocking/miniatures-street-of-shops/
  5. "Cheating" is rather harsh. Buying ready-made miniature moldings and furniture and draperies isn't "making them yourself" either, and certainly uses a lot less skill. I see his point, mind you, having felt similar qualms when cutting multiple squares of fabric at once with a rotary cutter for piecing a quilt top -- is speed my goal here? But everything you learn is improving your skills, and if you are more satisfied with your miniatures made with, let's call them short cuts, than without, then you're better off, aren't you! And conversely, if carving a piece of wood or making a paper flower by hand feeds your soul, that is equally worthwhile. There is room for both even in the same person! Jeanne
  6. She retired from blogging, though I'm pretty sure she still makes and sells her kits. I know that Miniatures.com has them -- https://www.miniatures.com/112-Scale-Minis-by-Kris-Compas-C821.aspx Jeanne
  7. How much attention do you want to draw to it? Dark mortar would stand out a lot between lighter stones, especially with the "crazy" arrangement. Light mortar would give a more subtle effect -- "somewhat more" I should say, with that spectacular stonework!
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