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Little Dollhouse Company


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So, I have an appointment next week in Toronto. I was thinking about it today, and was like "hmm I wonder..." So i Google'd directions to the Little Dollhouse Company from where my apointment is. Its a 10 minute drive.

I've been to this appointment here before, I'm really suprised I didn't realize that the dollhouse store was in the same area. So, guess where I'm visiting when I'm done my appointment...

Just wondering, anyone been here before? I just finished my tennyson (I mean, finished enough I'm just nitpicking for something to work on at this point), so I'm looking for some more furniture/accessories for it, as well as a new kit. I'd really like the Lily but my budget is tight this month until I get my new job, so I'm thinking maybe the Buttercup just to tie me over. How is their service there/prices/policies etc etc. Either way I'm really just excited to go.

Second question. I'm going to Winnipeg in a couple of weeks. Anyone know of a store in that area? I might be able to convince my friends to take me :p

Thanks all

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