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Some Good News

New Day

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I've been keeping my focus on positive stories lately.

Here's a nice example, thought I'd share-

Woman buys home back for foreclosed family

eta - the video is very slow to load for me, a great opportunity for practicing patience!

Actually, I think This Link may work better. Click on "Most Popular", then "Foreclosure Angel".

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The turnaround for the economy is not going to come from the government, it will come from the people.

Did you see all the big bonuses that the bank ceos just got as soon as they received their bailout money? Congress is going crazy.

Did anyone watch 60 minutes last night? About the side bets, derivatives, credit default swaps on the market. I told Fred that America needs to go and break the CEOs legs for non-payment! He looked at me and almost fell off the bed laughing...so true.

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