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I got The Homestead by Woodline Products Inc. in the 80's. I have the instruction sheet, but strangely enough there are no pictures of the homestead. I did some kit bashing on it even as it was my first dollhouse ever.

I am looking for any info on the company or pictures of this house. Can anyone help?

One of these days I want to spend time going thought all 8 file cabinets and maybe I'll locate

some of what I have misplaced.

Any help would be appreciated

Also am looking for a set of instructions for the haunted house.

I think things get mixed in with all the papers and then get filed somewhere in those filing cabinets. It would be a major job to locate them, and take more time then I have right now.

Thank you for your help


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Is this it?

It was at dollhouse collectables.

Here is the discription: Old Homestead kit 6 Rooms (inc. attic). 29"L x 15"W x 28-1/2"H (inc. porch) Kit includes front porch, posts, foundation, stairway, full height chimney and movable partitions.(window and door components not included)

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Hi Deirdre,

I just ran across your post in a search for info on Woodline Dollhouses. I'm so excited to have gotten the Woodline Homestead on craigslist, though it's in desperate need of TLC. I searched & searched for a picture also and finally ran across this website. Is this your house: http://popsdollhouse.homestead.com/home.html

As I understand it, the model was based on a RL house in Lombard, Illinois that was built by Dr. Willliam LeRoy, who made artificial limbs for soldiers following the Civil War. It was then purchased by Harold Gray, who was the cartoonist who drew Little Orphan Annie, and the house is often called the "Little Orphan Annie House."

The website above is a great source for eye candy whether you have the Woodline or not. It's really gorgeous. I was so excited to find that they've put the full set of instructions on the website also - especially important to me since many pieces are missing from the poor house I bought.

Hope this is the house you were looking for!

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