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  1. D I tried something very similar with another manufacturer's tile wallpaper (it was very good quality). I coated it with Mod Podge and then cut with the exacto just as you said. It would have been okay except that I couldn't get the brush marks out of the Mod Podge. It probably would work better with the polyurethane.
  2. Connie, I just LOVE your Fairfield!!! You've made it into a wonderfully livable house. I love your idea for the 3rd floor bath.
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing them too, Connie!
  4. Pat, I know that REALLY handsome Asian actor you're referring to and he is drop dead gorgeous! (I'll come up with his name just as soon as I hit the button to add this reply.) I think that the attitude in Jo's doll is the most important, whether he looks like Yul or not. I love the costume and the pose and I don't care one whit about who he looks like.
  5. ItzKathyP

    My Fairfield.jpg

    Look forward to seeing pics of your progress, Katy! It's a great house, isn't it?
  6. Jo, his eyes are so REAL. I can hear him thinking behind them. Just amazing!
  7. Chris, you can find scale lumber of all kinds at Northeastern Scale Lumber, www.northeasternscalelumber.com. Their service is excellent - a very good place to shop.
  8. Wolfie, your dolls are wonderful; and Lyssa, I love your giraffe. Such talented people.
  9. I'm bashing the stove from the 1/2" GL kitchen set and put the umpty-ninth coat of paint on it tonight. I'm a half way decent basher but a truly terrible painter, so once I'm done bashing I tend to stall off the painting part. I'm determined to actually finish it, so will keep at it and hope to have pics by the weekend.
  10. Amazing chair, Lyssa! Wolfie, I LOVE YOU!!! I would love to have a very modern beach surfer dude & his lady for my Fairfield at the Beach!
  11. Wolfie, I'm totally in LOVE with Betty!!! I really really really would love to have her. We who are focusing on 1/2" scale these days would so love to see nice dolls in our scale too...hint, hint...though I'm sure those would be awfully difficult to make.
  12. OK - Lyssa whips up a sofa, Dorothy whips up a sweater. I would seriously SWEAT either one of those, and two weeks later......who knows what it would look like. Geez, I've got a lot of learning to do.
  13. Jo, your Egyptian Queen is GORGEOUS!! She has such a regal expression - just perfect.
  14. Grazhe, you are just the best at everything you do! Those flowers are truly gorgeous.
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