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  1. Wow, Angie - you just articulated the way I've felt for the past year, but unfortunately I still feel that way and haven't been back to my house. I was working on both the full-scale Pierce and the 1/2 scale Fairfield. No matter what I did, particularly to the Fairfield, I couldn't seem to get myself to ignore a mistake early on. With this attitude I ended up making even MORE mistakes, and ended up not working on it at all. I'd love to hear a solution also.
  2. D I tried something very similar with another manufacturer's tile wallpaper (it was very good quality). I coated it with Mod Podge and then cut with the exacto just as you said. It would have been okay except that I couldn't get the brush marks out of the Mod Podge. It probably would work better with the polyurethane.
  3. ...and yet one more not blue fan who still loves your sofa & wallpaper!
  4. I love it, Joyce! Just beautiful! Can't wait to see your plans for furnishing!
  5. Congratulations, Joyce! You did a FANTASTIC job!!! It looks just wonderful!
  6. Wolfie, you are cute indeed. :thumb:
  7. Hi Kabrina & Mary! I like this too!!
  8. Nice to see you, Jeanne - and April too! :thumb:
  9. Connie, I just LOVE your Fairfield!!! You've made it into a wonderfully livable house. I love your idea for the 3rd floor bath.
  10. I'm a huge fan of Elmer's Carpenters Wood Glue and use it for everything. I buy it at Lowe's.
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing them too, Connie!
  12. Welcome, Stephanie! I look forward to watching progress on your houses. (Note the PLURAL!!)
  13. My Fairfield is an old house that now finds itself in a contemporary beach town. It wants to be REALLY loud also. What is your Washington's story, Lyssa?
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