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  1. D I tried something very similar with another manufacturer's tile wallpaper (it was very good quality). I coated it with Mod Podge and then cut with the exacto just as you said. It would have been okay except that I couldn't get the brush marks out of the Mod Podge. It probably would work better with the polyurethane.
  2. Connie, I just LOVE your Fairfield!!! You've made it into a wonderfully livable house. I love your idea for the 3rd floor bath.
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing them too, Connie!
  4. ItzKathyP

    My Fairfield.jpg

    Look forward to seeing pics of your progress, Katy! It's a great house, isn't it?
  5. Chris, you can find scale lumber of all kinds at Northeastern Scale Lumber, www.northeasternscalelumber.com. Their service is excellent - a very good place to shop.
  6. ItzKathyP


    Beautiful, Joyce, and such a perfect yellow color!
  7. I love that desk. It NEEDS to be in my house too.
  8. ItzKathyP


    Many thanks, Tracy! That Brumley stencil stuff is really pretty neat & easy.
  9. ItzKathyP

    My Fairfield

    My first 1/2" scale house and most likely the first to be completed
  10. From the album: My Fairfield

    I just love this house. My first attempt at siding & wall shingles. This cost me the use of one hand for a week or so, as the cutting messed up a tendon in my hand, which is really why I'm doing this album tonight instead of continuing with the siding. I think I might take off the partial siding on the first floor windows & do more fishscale shingles there instead. Now I'll have lots of time to look at it & think about it!
  11. ItzKathyP


    From the album: My Fairfield

    My first ever attempt at making a piece of furniture from scratch. This will be a very modern house inside, and so the stove fits in very well.
  12. ItzKathyP

    Living Room.jpg

    From the album: My Fairfield

    The flooring in the dining/living rooms is so beautiful and I should have done it justice by CLEANING IT before I took these pics.
  13. ItzKathyP


    Thanks, Tiffanie. I'm posting more pics now & would love to hear your continued comments. You do SUCH beautiful work on your houses!!
  14. From the album: My Fairfield

    Dining room fixture.
  15. ItzKathyP


    From the album: My Fairfield

    My beautiful fireplace.
  16. ItzKathyP

    Coquina Rock

    From the album: My Fairfield

    My Fairfield is an old Victorian built in the '20s that has ended up in the midst of a very modern beach town. This photo is of RL coquina rock, which is widely used in old construction here in East Central Florida, and I've tried to recreate it using Bromley stencils for my fireplace and eventually the foundation of my house.
  17. ItzKathyP


    From the album: My Fairfield

    The first image of my Fairfield. I love working in 1/2" scale!
  18. I especially like modern country. That would suit what I'm building. Really looking forward to pics. I have to settle for pics - I have de Quervains tenosynovitis and have to keep my mitts off the Exacto knife for a few weeks while it heals. This is inflammation of the thumb tendon, which I'm sure was caused by my cutting siding for my Fairfield. I have 4 days off and will need to find something that doesn't aggravate this condition - maybe wallpapering?? Guess I could do shingles too.
  19. Thanks for showing us the Daisy House kits, Emily. I like the look of them. Keep us posted
  20. I don't quite have a picture in my mind of how this would work. Are there pics in Wolfie's gallery of the Tyvek hinges? I'm thinking of the 1:24 kitchen I'm going to build & whether I'd be able to make working doors.
  21. I think that must be what happened, Emily. I'm just glad I only did one section before coming to my senses instead of the whole house.
  22. Actually, that is helpful, because it gives me "permission" to wing it. I think this is the very last time I follow instructions on a package blindly.
  23. Question about fishscale shingles. I followed the instructions on the package and spaced my rows 1/2" apart. After it was done, it was obvious that something was not right. :thumb: I've been looking at it & looking at it and the light bulb just lit up in my tiny brain that these doggone things are spaced too far apart. Duh...... Can someone tell me the correct row spacing for 1/2" scale fishscale shingles? Is it 1/4"??? And, could you also tell me why the instructions on the package of 1/2" shingles are wrong in the first place???? Grrrrrrrr!! This is the first time I'
  24. I was drooling over that kitchen but then thought I'd save some $$$ by attempting to build my own. Do show us your progress, please, because if my own attempts fall flat that's the one I'll get.
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