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I love the soft look this paper gives the room, having the shades down I noticed really contributes to this. My issue is how much interior wood trim should I add, I have curved areas, I have over 50 windows, maybe its something I will have to come back to

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Direction I am headed in

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I see that I could angle the trim pieces to a point and not need to curve the wood.. the way I cut the paper could set the pattern.

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You may want to think about making the trim out of polyclay. You could trace the openings for patterns. A simple trim of a thin, flat piece with a delicate roll or two or three on top would make a nice profile. You'd have to experiment.

With so many windows, some with pointed tops, some rounded, I think it would be the only way to be consistent throughout. And I think with so many windows, consistency is crucial to a uniform look.

I love what you're doing to this house!

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Yes I have thought of the polyclay and it may be the best solution, your right, for example the rounded window that has the paning done is actually squared off , so depending on how I cut the paper it will make a difference as well

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