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Porch detail


Ok I screwed up. The instructions confused the heck out of me. Last night after the kids were asleep I wanted to get on more section glued before going to bed. That'll teach me. I read what to do over and over, tried looking at the picture on the box but still didn't click. Sooo I did what I thought it was supposed to be like, checked it this morning before work and the white part was securely glued in place. Then on my drive to work it hit me! I needed to have the front corner post on TOP of the side post to leave an 1/8in gap to slide the white piece into :doh: As you can see in the picture because I didn't do that the top railing piece is too short and the left section has a wider blank space then the right...anyone know how to remove wood glue without destroying everything?

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Christmas at the Grandparents Arthur

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Wood glue is tough. If its regular or Aileens (Eileens?) I know you can soak it off.

But you can probably destroy the top railing and recut one of those easier than cutting a new scalloped fence piece.

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Actually the only pieces glued are the left porch posts and the white scalloped piece, The rest is just sitting there, I used Elmer's Wood Glue :(

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Thanks! I'll try that, maybe with some water and a million passes of an exacto blade I can get it all to seperate cleanly. The posts would be easy to replace but the scalloped piece wouldn't.

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