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  1. The thing is, I've seen other sellers using them as well, so I suspect they are actually from a 3rd party. I just suspect they are sold internationally or something that my google isn't pulling it up. There is an absolutely huge berry (strawberry and raspberry) culture in my area. Infact, there are about 15 berry fests in 50 miles, many of which have craft shows that I'd like to sell and attend at... and berry baskets would be a star item! I guess I can ask the seller if they are handmade, rather than wording it "where did you buy these!". Thanks for the insight to the book
  2. I'm looking for cardboard raspberry/strawberry baskets. I still haven't finished my dollhouse (I think mostly I don't want to be finished so I have to find a new home for it, not that I don't want to see it complete). I've been spending my time making a lot of 1/3 scale items and 1/12 scale foods for jewelry, and making a little income with that. I saw these rings, and I know I can do it much better, but I can't seem to find the baskets anywhere. I specifically want these greenish blue type. Anyone? This is not my work, but the baskets can be seen in this seller's item
  3. We had them a few months ago, they sold our quickly and now... none for months. I got two, but one is broken. I plan to bash it anyway.
  4. I adorn my easy cutter. Goes right though skinny sticks and craft sticks in a quick snap. If you can squeeze a scissors, you can do this. It also has angles. I got mine from Hobby Lobby. I printed a 40% off coupon and got a great deal.
  5. I was thinking a soft foam that you press in with pins somehow... but I think the other ideas are better.
  6. I have been using a left over 22 gauge needle (it was sterile and left over from failed fertility treatments). It's just a tad smaller than the nails, and since it has a hole, I insert it, twirl it and pull out a little core! Then the brad just pushes right in with the use of a coin. Of course, I haven't been using the door at this point, nor have I finished installation. So, I hope it holds up to adult play.
  7. Oooh. Yay for Poly Clay! I love it when it's on sale, I use it for Mini and my ebay business!
  8. dorn27


    I love them! Where did they come from?
  9. When I did mine (granted I didn't use wood, I used posterboard), I put the windows in place with poster putty. I traced them, then removed them before I installed the siding to the lines. I did have to trim here and there with the exacto knife to get a nice fit and I do have a few gaps, but nothing major!
  10. I'm probably going to cut off the roof tabs. I thought perhaps, I had mixed up the pieces to the two sides, but they are exactly the same and interchangable, no matter the side of the gable I try to install them on, same problem. There is no other way to install the roof. The way the tabs are set up, there is no question. If you flip it any other direction, its tab to tab and slot to slot instead of tab/slot match ups.
  11. I am getting some photos, but it is so far off and I know 1000% the porch is correct. Nothing I could have done wrong there, everything fits perfectly and tightly! Front porch panel, tightly fitted, correct piece used. [ Everything lines up flush If the front of the gable lines up to the front of the porch tabs/slots and the gable roof is lined up with the tabs on the main roof... then the tabs to attach it to the front panel look like this! If I line up the tabs to the front panel, and try to attach them to the roof... the roof tabs line up l
  12. At this time, I'm trying to dry fit all remaining pieces (roof). Yes, by main dormer I mean the gable. The difference in the tab and slots is so far off it can't be the position! I will get some photos, but it's about 1/2 an inch! If I fit them all together properly, the front panel of the gable sits about 1/4 inch back from the front porch edge and needs to sit about 1/2 inch higher! It seems as if my slots in the gable roof portions have the slots punched in the wrong spot
  13. I have no idea what I'm doing or have done wrong. EVERYTHING has been done according to plan and I have dry fit each section before glueing. I did not dry fit the entire house though... but I can't figure out what is wrong! No roof panels have been glued. Porch is finalized. I have assembled the porch. I have gone through it several times, checking and rechecking for error. Everything lines up. Porch gingerbread trim, railings, steps, and the little square porch roof/2nd floor outcrop all line up. Front of dormer, fits exactly in the space it should. Roof panel lines up to th
  14. Boo. I got outbid, and far enough out of my price range that I can get a Tuesday Morning house for less money. But, I have seen several people seeking instructions for this house online.
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