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  1. dorn27


    I love them! Where did they come from?
  2. When I did mine (granted I didn't use wood, I used posterboard), I put the windows in place with poster putty. I traced them, then removed them before I installed the siding to the lines. I did have to trim here and there with the exacto knife to get a nice fit and I do have a few gaps, but nothing major!
  3. I love it. I am a fan of hers on Etsy.
  4. This looks very tasty!
  5. It did come out really well! The only suggestion I have is to darken the pecans. I didn't actually realize what those were! I thought it was perhaps a pumpkin pie with seeds on top! It really is a great pie though! I havent attempted pie, only cake since that seems easier.
  6. dorn27

    VC 1

    No wonder they panicked and sold it!
  7. dorn27

    bar area

    Not the way I invisioned it, but it is amazing! Better than my vision.
  8. dorn27


    I loved these plant kits so much I ordered a few yesterday. Hope mine come out as good as yours!
  9. dorn27


    Animal Crossing!!! I love the stickers!!!
  10. dorn27

    barn structure

    I also think this will work out nicely! I was thinking of you today when I wandered down the nativity isle at Hobby Lobby... but nothing was this deep or this cheap!
  11. dorn27


    This one is amazing.
  12. dorn27

    second floor bedroom

    I love the top paper! Where did you get it?
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