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Chimney - middle with angled brick supports


I finished bricking the flat surfaces of the middle section and then had to address the row of angled bricks. The easiest way I figured I could manage the illusion of three-dimensional bricks stacked on an angle was with strip wood covered with egg carton on the exposed edge. I used 1/4in strip wood cut into pieces roughly 5/16in tall. I glued these individual blocks into place with the corner pointing outward. I set them in just a bit to leave room for the egg carton and to offset them from the face of the brick...just in case I didn't get them lined up perfectly, it wouldn't show as much. Once these dry, I'll add the egg carton to the exposed portions. I was able to get the sides lined up evenly front to back...but there are gaps in the front and one in the back. I plan to either cut the faces long for these or put in straight half-bricks...whichever looks best. Right now, I think this just might work. :D Yep, that's a toilet paper tube on top. It might be just a little short, so I'll likely end up using a paper towel tube cut down to the proper size.

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The Haunted Heritage

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