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New Hobby Lobby Stock

Hobby Lobby finally got some new inventory. In addition to a picnic table & 2 benches and a modern, black leather sofa with 2 chairs, they also offered this jewelry box. Its not anything like the Heidi Ott one offered at HBS but its very close to the one sold at Manor House Minis. It sells for $9.99 but is half off this week.

From the album:

Princess Anne

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Oh, I missed seeing this! My store must have been out. I'll have to keep an eye out for it, I really like it, looks pretty nice, especially for $5!

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Since HL runs out of their things so quickly, I always get the SKU numbers from the peg board wall where things are hung and scribble them down to get rainchecks. I've had to do this several times for electrical items and wood floors. The really nice thing about that is that you can go to the store at your leisure instead of racing there first thing Monday morning.

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Thanks! I've had to do that before too. And they were very friendly and helpful with the rainchecks. Once, she looked up the upcoming shipment, and told me when it would be in and that it was for sure on the shipment, so I could still come during the sale.

HL isn't far from me, so I'll go up there this week and look for the peg with the SKU now that I know they exist, and will definitely get a raincheck.


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