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  1. The brown stripe of the library/office is one of my favorite papers. It's very heavyweight. I'd never seen the green before a month ago. Or maybe I was never looking for green (it's actually my least favorite color as a whole).
  2. The photo doesn't quite pick up that the green stripe in the foyer is identical to the green vines in the "birds & berries" wallpaper in the living room.
  3. Just piecing out flooring to make sure I can get the stairs in correctly. I must've dryfit this area 20 times.
  4. Although the pattern is oversized, I love this scrapbook paper.
  5. I was trying to figure out how to install the leftover kitchen tile into the bathroom. The pieces were just too hard to work around. Instead, I went with a paper. I'll save the tile for a kitchen backsplash or powder room project.
  6. I feel like the pattern on the wall of the stairs is reminiscent of the bedroom hall behind it.
  7. I usually get by with masking or blue tape but this wall was particularly stubborn and required not just duct tape but NEON duct tape!
  8. Love this cherry scrapbook paper. It only came in the 8x10 sheets but that works fine in this room. Otterine will recognize the flooring from one of her houses (Haunted?).
  9. All soft greens. I love the kitchen flooring. $4 on the discount shelf at Hobby Lobby.
  10. Foyer stairs in the back and library stairs up front.
  11. As usual I forgot to add any captions. These are the foyer stairs after my horrifying attempt at wood filler.
  12. Reliving My Childhood

    Gilding the Lily

    Back on April 1st 2015, I purchased a Lily using my 40% from HBS. It sat in the garage until just this past April. I'm not a huge fan of plywood houses because of all the sanding & filling but this is such a nifty layout that I couldn't resist.
  13. Reliving My Childhood

    Gilding the Lily

    I bought the Lily with my 40% off coupon at HBS in 2015. Finally got around to starting it April 2016! Not a huge fan of plywood houses because of all the sanding (and sanding and sanding) but this one had just a neat layout that I just had to have it.
  14. Possibly a doghouse? Hmmm, maybe too tall.
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