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Sawdust supervisor..


This is my youngest, rescued him from what I thought was a guranteed death from cold and exposure to the elements. At the time his other mother had abandoned him and refused to nurse him because he was sick... When I found him he was seizing and banging his poor little head on the ground. After a wk of keeping him snugged in warm blankets and some special milk mix, then the vets he decided to stick around and keep me on my toes. Unlike any cat I've ever had, as he will paw at the door if he needs to go out and paw to come back in. He also follows me around closer than my dog. lol Oh, and yes I've a twisted sense of humor -- his name is Tourette b/c his head is always cocked at that angle due to infection that had spread to his brain, and his one eye is always squinted. Unique but he is loved so much! Also the bestest supervisor for dh building I've had as yet... ;)

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Not so sure if it was that I made him a part of my family or he made me his... Everyone of my animals is a rescue of sorts now, and they are all loved and spoiled rotten. :D

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