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  1. jrchob

    priming started.jpg

    Can't wait to see progress!
  2. I have actually talked on the phone with them in the past and the owner is a lovely woman. We are in strange times and things don't proceed as quickly as before COVID-19. There can be all kinds of reasons for problems encountered. I doubt they are on vacation when businesses are struggling to stay alive.
  3. I also have had very good service from them.
  4. These are pricey https://miniaturedesigns.com/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=77 I think they are the same as these https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/miniature-doll-house-roper-stove-1695889212
  5. Found this interesting link https://jennsminis.wordpress.com/the-big-house-remodel/
  6. I usually use a Zinsser primer. For the floors I used strips of mahogany veneer and then several coats of polyuretane.
  7. This actually is one of my favorite houses. I used a Benjamin Moore semi gloss on the exterior Saybrook Sage with Hale Navy shutters.
  8. I've done quite a few MDF RGT houses. I prepare the same way as above. Will add I always use a flat paint when painting a room after being primed.
  9. I use semi gloss for the exterior. I generally will use a flat primer for interior walls I will paint or paper.
  10. jrchob

    Full kitchen

    Love all your details!
  11. jrchob

    Right wall Loo.jpg

    This is wonderful. Love it!
  12. What a wonderful gift and friend!
  13. jrchob


    Love the rabbit. Beautiful scene.
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