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Outside tweaked

Outside tweaked


While the paint was drying on the window/door casings, I tweaked the outside a bit, touching up paint here and there. Is that part EVER finished?? I painted the board above the foundation dark blue. It had been house color. I like the way the house settled down with the darker accent to anchor it.

I also put the 1/16" white tape over the window mullions. It does add a little depth to the windows. But working on the windows made me aware of how dirty they are! I tried to clean them up some, but have vowed from now on that if the windows have to go in before the house is finished, I'm going to cover the plastic with blue painter's tape. Even fingerprints are hard to get off.

Also experimented with "stained glass" paint from Wal-Mart on window patterns printed on acetate. They look pretty good on the sheet. Tomorrow I'll see what they look like on the house. Once the windows are up, I'll add the gingernbread under the eaves. It's all painted and ready to go. I've decided not to put the gingerbread on the top. Or really, the house told me there would be a general rebellion if I tried ... lol

I bought some fabric for bedding, curtains, etc., today. I'm figuring the house will be finished this week, and then I can start on the furnishings!

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