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The inside after some tweaking

The inside after some tweaking


Four things of note:

1) the chair rail in the kitchen. Love the way the black makes the red and white pop! The stove is a black woodburner, so I think it will look nice.

2) the framing around the bay window. I had ordered some door/window casings from HBS, but of course I couldn't wait. The package arrived about an hour after I'd glued in this version, made from skinny craft sticks. I figure the curtain/drapery will cover the frame anyway, so ...

3) the false wall installed -- roughly, not quite vertical. Anyway, you can see the answer to the fit problem ... I cut off the top of the peak. The top will be glued into the dormer, so the wall will be solid. I may have to glue a piece of molding to cover the cut.

If I had thought about it a bit more, I would have cut it just above the doorframe. Then the cut wouldn't have shown at all. Duhhhhhh ... don't you love hindsight?

4) the inside frames for the octagonal windows has been installed

From the album:

Orchid (build) by KathieB

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