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Almost done


I finally figured out what I wanted the roof to look like...very simple and not very high, just enough room for me to get my hands in the attic space to turn on the lights.

I made a mock up of siding and fitted it to cover the exposed attic space, I made it so it just pops off and puts back easily.

I did electrify my house...I used the copper tape through out the whole house. The first fixture I installed was the ceiling fan in the kitchen and it was the most frustrating thing trying to connect the wires just right while not moving the fixture then pasting the ceiling paper and having to rig up a way to keep the light fixture from comming down until it was all finished drying....the dinning room ceiling fixtures came next and I ended up drilling holes behind the ceiling trim and puting the wire through and not using the tape wire, the only other light that uses the tape wire is the porch light next to the front door. All the other lights that use that voltage make their exits out of the back walls and they all get put on the one stripe of tape wire I put on the outside on the back of the dollhouse. There are at least ten battery powered lights thru out the house as well. All together there's 19 lights, it sounds like alot but when I darken the room and turn on all the lights it still looks too dark in there for me!!

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