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Wallpaper and trim...omg


By the time I get to the point where I can start wallpapering over a year has gone by since I started....I will spend months deciding on the color scheme and then creating the wallpaper. I printed all the wall paper on card stock. The room on the very right in the 3rd floor (the computer room) I used standard yellow paper folders cuz I liked the color.

Once I started installing the trim I finally got a feeling of some satisfaction...up til then all I felt was total indecision and major confusion...

Im the type of person that everything has to match and be eye appealing..and in a dollhouse of this type your going to be looking at it as a whole at first instead of individual rooms......so the wallpaper for each room needs to go with the rooms next to it and above or below it...then it has to go with furniture and decoration of the particular room its in ...... I thought I was going to go insane! Id start working on the wallpaper and never actually put it on the walls cuz as I worked thoughts would come to me like

' I just know this isnt going to look right next to that' or ' what if I cant find the right color scheme in a rug' etc... What a NIGHTMARE!!

Check back real soon cuz Ill have the rest of the pics up and the finished product!

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