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Today I finished the crane that holds the pots over the fire, and the ceiling to the irori room. The beam that holds the crane had to be carved out to make it more rustic, and the fish had to be shaped and details carved into it, then I had to attach tiny hooks and things to a bamboo pole. There is a tiny hook below the fish that will hold a tiny pot.

The irori (firepit) wasn't supposed to be finished until after the next chapter, which is the bathroom, but I assembled the wooden parts and laid the top over it just so I could take a picture with that under the crane. Later there will be a lot of details added to the firepit.

The next chapter is the bathroom, which is extremely primitive.

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Japanese Inn and Spa Ryokan

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This whole project has been interesting to watch you build, never seen anything like it.  And now a fire pit with a crane.... It doesn't get anymore unique than that!  

Thanks again for sharing your progress. 

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Thanks Cathy, wait until you see the very primitive bathroom. I would rather use an outhouse than use the kind that is in this ryokan!!! You'll see what I mean if I can ever get the door sanded down enough to get it to fit into the opening, and get the bathroom installed. The toilet is unbelievable!

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8 minutes ago, Cathy :) said:

Hmm, very primitive and rather use an outhouse..... This is gonna be something!

Yeah, it's really bad!

7 minutes ago, Cathy :) said:

What era is this house being built as?  And, will there be many furnishings?

It's supposed to be in the fifties or early sixties, but I'm building it as earlier. I really wanted it around the turn of the 20th century, but it does have running water, so I guess it's a little later than that.

There is a lot of really nice Japanese furniture, there are some photos in my album, and some on my blog, but I will still have to make a lot of stuff for it.

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That sounds cool, guess the primitive bathroom will be right on point, lol. I'll check out your album and blog to see some Japanese furniture, thank.

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Thanks Michele, I am going to put it up at my mother's and my gift shop. I don't really have room enough at home, and I will like the fact that it will be where people can see it. It really is looking pretty huge to me right now. It's sitting on my coffee table in the living room, on a piece of 2'x4' plywood, when I try to open it, I have to clean everything off the whole sheet of plywood. I can't imagine how big it would be if it was 1/12th scale!

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It's always hard playing 'catchup' on your project Kathi....every day and you have a new room......that should be every day and you have a beautiful new room!

It is going to be a real showpiece!


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I love the idea that this will be displayed in your gift shop, so that many can enjoy the details of your work.  Wish I lived nearby to see it up close!!  The firepit with hook dropping from the ceiling is a new one to me. ...   Have never seen it in pics before.  

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Thanks Sage and Mike! I'm going to have to slow down on it for a little while, my granddaughter's Orchid just arrived, and I need to build it for her birthday. It's the first time I haven't been excited about "mini mail", because I didn't want to stop working on the Ryokan!

I wish you could come up and see it Sage, I'd love to meet some of my mini friends! Hopefully I will get to meet one or two this summer though!

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