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polymer tiles8

polymer tiles8

Now I try the same process but using the specialty photo transfer mod podge.

From the album:

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OK Heres a stupid ques? Just print out pic of tile, coat with Mod Podge transfer, wait til dry and roll pic off tile???

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Pretty much!  I tried both normal Mod Podge and the special transfer Mod Podge - but both gave similar results.  Print out pic and cut out, cover with a decent amount of MP.  Let dry completely and then using a sponge wet the back of the paper, leave a couple of minutes and then using thumbs roll off the paper.  They turned out really well.  I didn't end up using these tiles.  I made plain white tiles which I then coloured each corner gold.  Then I used a black and white pattern, transferred this way to a large tile which I then painted and sprayed with fixative.

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Looking for a site that has free printable tiles the right size. Any suggestions??? Looking for brown print of some kind.

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I actually found some books in the library that were full of tile patterns from different places/eras.  I wonder if I can attach a file here....

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