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  1. clairevc


    WOW!!!! GREAT JOB...I've been lazy lately and haven't done a thing on my dollhouse. Still need to finish the wiring for lights, which has held me up. Need to get with it if I want to continue...
  2. Fabulous and creative! Love the colors of the house. Almost like my colors on my Easter Mansion
  3. WOW! What a fantastic job. Love everything about it
  4. I watched the video and the lady makes it seem so so easy!!!!
  5. The house was primed before painting! Outside almost done with exception of putting on copper roof tops and slate front portico. Of course there will be lots of tweaking too!
  6. So glad you saw my post! I tried to find you after you were mentioned. I live in Suffolk Cty. I don't know how far you are from me??? I never considered doing round wire because I thought it was to hard LOL...I use to solder stain glass pieces too. WOW, well the dollhouse is started with tape wire. Need to finish so I can continue with the FUN stuff...
  7. Pat thanks for the feedback! Wish you were here to help me. My husband did wire the bottom floor for me. He didn't like doing it and said that this was my project! LOL
  8. I've been working on the Beacon Hill. Using the tiny tiny brads. Hard to hold and hammer in.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try and find the person in Nassau county...Rockaway rose?
  10. Wondering if someone is out there that could "tape wire" my dollhouse??? It's started, but still having a difficult time. Anyone live in Suffolk county, NY that could help??
  11. Mystery solved! The two pieces of trim go somewhen on the staircase. I finally found it in the direction. I don't know how I missed it. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Appreciated
  12. These two pieces have a notch at the top. Small about 6" long. For the life of me, I can't figure out where they go. It's probably right in front of me, but I can't see it. I'm going to look again at directions and try and locate #'s. Maybe they go in the inside of house. I have to check once again.
  13. Leftover two pieces of trim. On #5 sheet BH. Trim A & F corner piece and A & B corner trim. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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