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Help Please


I got these from a friend, who's Mom moved out of the country and chose to leave all her miniatures behind (I also got another Sugarplum kit)... these are really cute, made of resin and look to be really close to 1/2 scale (the kitchen set is a bit small for 1/2 scale).... can anyone tell me anything about them??? There are no marking on them or the boxes they came in.

From the album:

Misc. Minis Made/Bought Including Harry Potter House

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they are from Avon I believe....I have a few of them myself...hmmmm...wonder where...

I got mine off e-bay but they originally were Avon

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Yep, I'm pretty sure these are Australian Avon sets. There were different designs in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. I have this bathroom and conservatory (the wicker furniture) and I'm 99% sure they're the ones I bought from an Australian eBay seller.

Some of the Avon furniture is closer to half scale but these (esp. the bathroom) seem a bit smaller to me.

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I did find the nursery set when I googled Australian Avon sets... so I believe your right Emily.... plus... my friend who's mother these belonged to moved to Australia where her family lives... so she must have purchased them there during one of her many visits before relocating. :)

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