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A Warm Fireplace

Minis On The Edge



To make a glowing fireplace, you will need the following:


Hot Glue Gun

Glue Gun Sticks

Coffee Grinds

1 tree twig (dried and brown)

1 light bulb (Painted orange or red)

1. Take your twig and cut three (3) 1" parts



2. Plug in your hot glue gun

3.Take your fireplace and drill a small hole in the back of the fire place center so that you can feed your

lightbulb wire through it.

4. Take your light bulb and if it is a clear bulb, paint it red or orange and set it aside to dry

5. Once the bulb dries, feed it into the hole you drilled in the fireplace

6. Take your hotglue gun and add a small drop under the light bulb and press it down so that it will dry in


7. Add some glue under one of the twigs (that will be a log) and put it on top of the light bulb.

8. Add a dime sized amount of glue to that log and add your second log on top of that


9. Add glue on the third log and sprinkle dried coffee grinds on top



10. Plug in your light and enjoy the warm glow. If you like you can dry brush black paint on the corner of the logs to give it the "burnt" look. You can also go over the coffee grinds with black paint.




Recommended Comments

I messed up on mine and forgot to glue the bulb down :p so it ended up in the back which is why there is more light behind the fire place and not light coming from below. It still look okay but I did want you to know I did this one wrong ;)

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OH TRACY!!! Thank you for this tutorial!!! I've been trying to figure out how to do 4 inexpensive 1/2 scale fireplaces...and this is exactly what I'm going to do!!! :)

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